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Home Prepaid WiFi Upstream Promo - Globe Help & Support

Home Prepaid WiFi: Upstream Promo

What is the Upstream x Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi offer?

HomeSURF599 loaders can claim a free Upstream movie voucher.

Who is eligible for these movie vouchers?

Only HomeSURF599 loaders.

Will this voucher be available for all HS599 loaders?

Yes. Each customer will be entitled to one movie voucher, and will only be able to avail of the voucher once.

If I load HS199 or HS999, other HomeWATCH, or other tack-ons will I be able to claim that voucher?

No. You have to load HomeSURF599 to be able to claim the free movie ticket.

Where can I claim my Upstream movie voucher?

These will be offered under the Globe At Home app.

When will I receive my voucher code?

Expect your voucher code to be reflected in your Globe At Home App within a week after you load.

When can I claim my Upstream movie voucher?

These vouchers are available from Oct. 15, 2021 until Jan. 15, 2022.

Until when can I activate these vouchers?

These vouchers will expire on February 29, 2022.

How long is the validity of the voucher?

Once activated, it is good for 1 movie that you selected only.

Can I watch any movie that's available in Upstream using the movie voucher I get?

We have selected movies for you, which you can find in

The movie voucher will only be applicable with those movies.