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Interactive Bill (iBill) FAQ - Globe Help & Support

Globe Business: iBill

What is Interactive Bill (iBill)?

iBill is a next-generation billing and payment experience for our Globe Business customers. It is a secure, password-protected interactive, online 'web-style' document.

Why do we have iBill?

We introduced the iBill to empower you to do more while viewing your bill.

We designed the iBill to be in HTML format to make it easy for you to interact with the bill while viewing it. Its built-in hover, filter, and sort functions enables you to view the bill details that you need.

Also, you can communicate with Globe from within the bill anytime and anywhere you want to. With just the click of the QUERY button, you can send your bill-related inquiry to Globe right when you need to. No need to call the hotline.

The iBill will definitely change the way you view your Globe bill.

What's the difference between this iBill and the regular bill?

The regular bill is a printed breakdown of your bill statement and sent to you either as hard copy or via email. In the past, you would encircle, underline or put a check manually on a hard copy to remember certain details.

With the iBill, you still receive it via email and open it with a password but this time, it comes in an HTML format that has built-it functions such as hover, filter, sort, auto-compute, request for check pick-up (among other things) which does away with most of the manual tasks you used to do.

What are the different parts of the iBill?

There are three main pages: the Corporate Landing page, Account Landing page, and the Subscriber Dashboard.

Supplementary pages include: the Contact Us page, and the Help and Support page.

What are the sub-sections in each of the main pages?

The new iBill will have the following sub-sections inside each main page:

Corporate Landing Page

  1. Corporate Details
  2. Corporate Statement Summary
  3. Details of Charges for this Month
  4. Excess Usage Graph
  5. Account Charges Table

Account Landing Page

  1. Account Details
  2. Account Statement Summary
  3. Details of Charges for this Month
  4. Previous and Current Bill Adjustments (if applicable)
  5. Account Level Charges (if applicable)
  6. Group Boosters (if applicable)
  7. Excess Usage Graph
  8. Subscriber Charges Table

Subscriber Dashboard

  1. Subscriber Details 
  2. Account Statement Summary 
  3. Subscriber Dashboard Tiles 
  • Excess Usage
  • Usage Details
  • Monthly Recurring Fees
  • Gadgets and Non Devices
  • Summary of Data Usage
  • Other Charges
  • Prepaid Loading Services
  • Rewards

How do I open the iBill?

An email and/or SMS will be sent on a monthly basis containing the link to the iBill. You would then click to the link to be redirected to the login page, where they would need to type in their password to gain access to the iBill main page.

What are the benefits of using iBill?

Empowering the customers to have an interactive experience to view, search, sort and filter billing details they prefer to see, will be able to lodge account disputes, raise questions via the Query function, manage payment and partial payment, update details all without the need to engage a call center agent.

Can I view my previous bills using iBill?

Yes, you may revisit the previous emails that contain the link to the iBill for that period.

What if I have multiple Corporate IDs under my company, how many iBills will I receive?

One Corporate ID will correspond with one Corporate Level iBill, which already includes all the accounts under that Corporate ID.

Does the link to my iBill expire?

The link to the iBill is valid for 3 years.

Can I download my original individual bill in PDF using iBill?

Yes, but not from within the iBill. The original individual bills can only be downloaded via GlobeOne. You have the option to print the current screen you're in using the print icon on the right side of the header or save it as a PDF.

Can I download my original bill summary CSV using iBill?

Yes, SPOCs have the ability to download the existing bill summary CSV file in the Help and Support Page.

Will there be mobile data charges when using iBill from my mobile?

Yes. Applicable mobile data charges will apply when accessing the iBill using your mobile data.

I did not receive the OTP verification code, what will I do?

Your password is assigned using shared information. You can check your previous email for the assigned password combination.

Can I change my access password to iBill?

No, password combination is automatically generated within the iBill Platform.

Can I save my filtering/sorting settings for easier viewing of my succeeding iBill?

No, iBill as an online document does not store any form of data. There is no saving functionality available.

Is there a minimum device specification requirements to access iBill via desktop or mobile? (Browser/Android/iOS version required)

Supports each browser version, and mobile OS up to the last 3 versions

Operating Systems – MacOS & iOS (Apple), Windows and Linux Browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and IE (11 and above) Hardware – Phones, Tablets, Laptops, MacBook and Desktops Mail Providers including Yahoo, Google, 365, Hotmail, Outlook Mobile Clients – Android, iPhone and Windows PDF versions (10 and above)

Will I need a PDF viewer to access my iBill?

No, the iBill is an HTML document and not a PDF

There is also an option to save the current page as PDF, when clicking on the print icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

Am I required to pay my dues in full?

No, there is an option to tick and untick amounts on the Corporate Landing Page and the Account Landing Page.

Will the information I have entered into the iBill forms, be saved for the next time I log in?

No. For security reasons, the iBill will revert to the original state when it was sent to you. Once your session ends, all the information you might have entered will not be retained.

How long will my iBill stay open?

The iBill will automatically expire after 60 minutes. Any information you might have entered will not be saved. You will need to click the link and enter your password to access your iBill again.