What is GoRoam?

GoRoam is an Android app that allows Globe customers to monitor their roaming usage and expense in real time. Customers can set their desired roaming budget and will get real-time notifications to avoid bill shock!

GoRoam is also compatible with most smart hand-held devices. However, some tablet models may not be supported. (Please check Google Play Store to see if GoRoam is available for your device.)

Where is this app available?

GoRoam is available in the Google Playstore. Anyone can download it for free and also use it for free. The iOS version is still currently unavailable.

Do I need internet connection to use this app?

No, this app does not need mobile internet connection to work. It works offline so it can help you save on mobile data expenses while roaming.

(Offline means there is no need for internet/mobile data connection. You just need the data connection when you download the app.)

Cool! How accurate is it?

Since GoRoam works offline, it uses information from the logs of your mobile device. As such, expenses reflected in the app may vary with what is charged on your actual billing statement. Please note that GoROAM is solely intended to estimate roaming charges and, therefore, may not be used to contest actual billing charges.

What are the types of roaming usage that GoRoam can track?

GoRoam is able to track the following types of usage while you're on roaming:

  • Roam Surf
  • Roam Saver
  • Roam Lite
  • Zonal rate charging for outgoing calls, texts and mobile data usage
  • In certain countries where incoming calls are charged (if applicable)

Once I've set my budget, will this app deactivate my roaming when I reach it?

No. This app will only alert you once your set roaming budget has been reached. Rest assured that the app will not turn off your roaming service. Any usage you may have, after reaching your roaming budget, will still be charged to your postpaid bill, or deducted from your load balance.

If you'd like to stop making calls or sending texts, you can opt to switch your phone to ‘Flight' or ‘Airplane' mode. If you'd like to avoid incurring data charges while roaming, you can simply switch off mobile data/data roaming and LTE connection (if applicable) on your smartphone.

So does that mean I won't lose my roaming signal once I've used up my budget?

No, it's up to you to turn off your mobile or put your mobile on airplane mode once you've reached your budget. All the app does is inform you that you have used up your budget and will push notifications for every transaction made, thereafter. You may also opt to increase the initially set budget.

Great! If I'm using a dual SIM mobile phone, which SIM usage will GoRoam monitor?

As the app is able to work offline and track usage from your phone logs, it will track the usage of both SIMs, regardless of which SIM is primary. GoRoam does not distinguish usage on either SIM and as such, may provide inaccurate roaming expense estimates.

Likewise, if the secondary SIM is non-Globe, rates for roaming calls, texts and data will be incompatible with GoRoam and, therefore, provide inaccurate roaming expense estimates. GoRoam is designed to work best with single-SIM smart devices on Globe. Note also that only one (1) mobile number can be enrolled in the app.

Does this app monitor my usage when I'm connected via Wi-Fi?

GoRoam only tracks texts, calls, and mobile data usage. Any usage outside of mobile data (e.g. Wi-Fi) will not be tracked by the app.

Wait, can I set a budget that's higher than my load balance (for prepaid) or spending limit (for postpaid)?

Yes, you can set a budget that's higher than your load or spending limit, but note that your spending limit or your prepaid load balance will still prevail. This only means that once you breach your spending limit or fully consume your prepaid load balance, you may no longer be able to make or receive calls, send and receive texts nor use data roaming.

But can I increase or decrease my budget while using GoRoam?

Yes. You may reset or change your budget as you go. Simply go to the navigation bar and click ‘Trip Settings' to change your budget.

Just a reminder, your budget and estimated charges will reset to zero (0) when you update the app.

Can I use the app while in the Philippines?

While you're in the Philippines, you'll only be able to use the initial budget set-up function -- such as selecting the country of destination, subscribing to voice and text roaming promos and indicating the desired roaming budget amount. The actual monitoring of roaming voice, text or data as well as the applicable expenses will only start upon arrival in your destination country.

For prepaid customers, Roam Surf is part of the GoRoam list of prepaid roaming promos as long as you're in a valid Roam Surf country.

I can't seem to find my country of destination in the list of available countries. Are all countries included in this app?

No. The app will show only the countries where Globe has a roaming service.