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Roam Unli Call & Text FAQs

What is Roam Unli Call & Text?

With Roam Unli Call & Text, Globe Postpaid customers can now enjoy all-day calls and texts while roaming! Below are the variants under this promo:

1 day*
3 days
5 days

*Expires 11:59 of the same day.

What is the benefit of subscribing to this service?

Roam Unli Call & Text allows you to call and text as much as you wish, without worrying about your budget!

Cool! Where can I use Roam Unli Call & Text?

The service is available in the following countries:

Roaming Partner/Operator
Text registration keyword
Yes Optus
Vodafone Hutchison
Vodafone Pacific
Orange Austria
Saudi Arabia
T-Mobile Austria
Airtel Bangladesh
GrameenPhone Ltd
Du Telecom

Be sure to manually select the Roam Unli Call & Text operator in your visited country. Usage outside of these operators will be charged at regular roaming rates.

What services are included in Roam Unli Call & Text?

The Roam Unli Call & Text discounts are applicable to calls and texts made while roaming on the specified networks. Mobile surfing is not included and will be charged at regular roaming rates unless you're using P399 Flat Rate.

Is the promo fee consumable? How many calls and texts can I make with it?

No, the promo fee will give you unlimited calls & texts while you are on the specific operator for your selected period.

How do I subscribe to Roam Unli Call & Text?

There are three simple ways for you to register:

  • Via *143#
    Simply dial *143# (toll-free even when abroad) on your mobile phone to access our self-service menu  
  • Via SMS: 
    Text ROAM UCT <country> <validity> ON to 8080. Note that regular roaming rates will apply if you register outside of the Philippines.
  • Via Globe Stores:
    Visit any Globe Store or call our 24-hour Hotline at 0277301212 to request for the service.
Please note of the following terms and conditions:

  • Service will be charged on top of your monthly Postpaid plan.
  • Roam Unli Call & Text is not auto-renewed and will be deactivated once the service expires.
  • In case of fraud, Globe reserves the right to discontinue your Roam Unli Call & Text service.

Can I register to the service while abroad?

Yes, you can. Just dial *143# (toll-free even when abroad) on your mobile to access our self-service menu for free. You may also register via SMS, but roaming rates will apply.

What happens if I am in one of the Roam Unli Call & Text countries, but I am not on the preferred partner operator?

You will not be able to enjoy the unlimited calls & texts if you are not logged on to the right partner operator. Make sure to manually select the specified partner operator upon receiving your promo confirmation message. Always check that your mobile phone is set to that network.

Do all outgoing calls include calls to any Globe/TM numbers in the Philippines and those in other countries, or are they limited only to the country where I'm roaming?

Yes, this includes all types of outbound calls and inbound calls.

Roam Unli Call and Text applies to calls and texts to:

A. Other operators in the country where you are roaming. 

B. Mobile and landline.

C. Globe and TM numbers in the Philippines.

D. Other operators in other countries

E. Calls and texts to non-Globe networks in the Philippines are included.

Can I register multiple times to the promo even if it has not expired yet?

No, you can only register again once your subscription expires. If you register within the promo validity, you will receive a notification message indicating that your subscription is still active. 

However, you can subscribe to other roaming promos while still registered to Roam Unli Call and Text.

Can I use my remaining Roam Unli Call and Text balance when I travel to another destination?

No, you will need to register to the promo again as long as it is available in your next country of destination.

For example, if you are currently registered to the promo in Singapore but will be travelling to Thailand, you will have to register to the promo again to enjoy unlimited calls and texts once you reach your next destination.

How do I make a call to a landline or a mobile number in the Philippines or any other country?

Easy! Just dial "+" + country code + area/operator code + landline/mobile number.


+6321234567 (landline)

+639171234567 (mobile)

I want to know more about International Roaming! Where can I go to know more?

For further assistance, you may call the Globe roaming hotline at +63277301212 using your Globe mobile, toll-free even while roaming.

You can also get in touch with us through Messenger at