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Wrong/Multiple Welcome Message for Roaming - Globe Help & Support

Globe Roamers may Receive Erroneous Welcome Message

I’m roaming in this country but why am I receiving the wrong/multiple welcome notifications for a different destination?

During your flight, you might have passed through one destination to another, especially when within territorial borders. As such, your device has been reachable by signal from other neighboring islands or countries. and it’s possible to receive a message welcoming you to another neighboring country, or a country that the plane only flew by in. 

This may occur when your plane passed by China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Rest assured that this doesn’t in anyway impact your roaming experience or local connectivity (if you’ve already returned home). We’ve made adjustments in our network to prevent the recurrence of this confusion. For future trips, we recommend that you set your device on airplane mode while traveling on-air.