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Globe Postpaid Early Plan Renewal - Globe Help & Support

Early Plan Renewal

What is early renewal?

Early renewal is the ability to renew your current plan even if you are still within lock-up on your current contract.

Who is eligible for an early plan renewal?

You must have finished at least one contract with Globe and have at least 6 remaining months left in your current contract. You must also upgrade from their current plan to GPlan 1499 and above.

What will happen to my current contract if I avail of the early renewal?

The remaining months will be added to your new contract period.

E.g. 6 months remaining before availing of a new phone under a 24-month contract. Your new contract period will be 6 months + 24 months = 30 months.

What will happen to my remaining cashout?

The total remaining cashout will be divided to your new contract period.

E.g. Cashout is P2,000 per month, 6 months remaining. P12,000 will be divided to 30 months on top of your new monthly service fee and cash out of the new device.

Can I avail of two or more devices under the early plan renewal program?

You may only avail of one additional device, subject to current plan eligibility.

How do I apply?

There are 2 ways to apply. First, you can avail via online at or you may also visit the Globe store near your area.

Can I pay it in a lump sum/ one-time?

Unfortunately, plan renewal can only extend your contract and not be able to advance your contract end date. Thus, payments will be on an installment basis.

Can I renew my plan using the GlobeOne app?

Unfortunately, this program can only be availed via the unique link sent to eligible customers or by visiting our Globe Stores.