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Globe Rewards Points for Globe At Home Postpaid - Globe Help & Support

I'm using a Globe At Home Account, am I eligible to earn Globe Rewards?

Starting Dec. 10, 2020, all Globe At Home Postpaid customers, both wired and wireless (except for customers on GoUnli or Bayantel plans) can already earn Globe Rewards Points.

If you're still using a Bayantel plan, we suggest you convert your Bayan plan to Globe At Home now. To check for your account's serviceability visit under "Manage Postpaid Plan".

How will I know if my plan is WIRED or WIRELESS?

If your modem is connected to a power socket as well as a cable connecting you to an internet port (a cabinet or facility outside your home, inside your condominium, etc), then you are on a Wired connection. This means you are on a Fiber, VDSL, or DSL connection. If your modem is only connected to a power socket and not to any other cable, then you are on a Wireless connection. This means you are on a 5G, LTE, or similar connection.

Can I also redeem other offers such as Lazada, Krispy Kreme and so on?

Absolutely! Make sure to use the GlobeOne app to view the updated list of offers, vouchers and discounts we have for you.

What rewards can Globe At Home customers redeem on the GlobeOne app?

You can use your Rewards points to redeem vouchers for food, shopping, gaming, entertainment, health, transportation, and more like join raffle promos, donate to Globe’s partner beneficiaries, purchase exclusive items or treats during on-ground events. To know our list of Rewards partners, click here

How do I earn Rewards points for my Globe At Home account?

Your Globe At Home account automatically earns Rewards points every month based on your monthly service charges (i.e., service fee and excess usage, excluding device charges and VAT), (P50 = 1 Globe Rewards point). Earn more points by upgrading your plan, availing promos, and more! 

How do I redeem a voucher on the GlobeOne app?

  • Download the GlobeOne app via Play Store, App Store, App Gallery or this link
  • From your GlobeOne app dashboard, tap Redeem Rewards. 
  • Check from the different rewards options you can use your points ( Promo, Donations, Others). You may also use the search bar option if you wish to look for a particular partner offer
  • Choose the rewards offer you want. Make sure to read through the promo description then click Redeem.
  • Check the View Vouchers sections to see your voucher code. You may show this code to our partner establishments or to enter the code in the partner’s website or app

How do I know if I have successfully redeemed a voucher?

  • Once a redemption is successful, you’ll see a success confirmation page on your screen from the GlobeOne  
  • For Globe At Home, no need to wait for the confirmation text message from 4438, Just click View Vouchers section from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu to check your redeemed code.

How come I cannot redeem any Volume Boost offer via GlobeOne app?

Effective May 15, 2023, Volume Boost offers redemption using Rewards points via the GlobeOne app will no longer be available.

To make the most of your Globe Rewards points, we are putting together Rewards offers beyond data, that are meant to maximize the value of Rewards with perks and discounts and freebies that fit your lifestyle and can be shared with your loved ones. Just make sure you download the GlobeOne app to see the full list of offers that you can enjoy. To know our partner merchants where you can use your points, you may visit

I redeemed a Volume Boost offer prior to May 15, 2023 and the promo is still valid beyond May 15, can I still use it?

Yes, Volume Boost offers redeemed before May 15, 2023 are still valid until it expires.

Why did you remove the Volume Boost in the Rewards catalog?

We want to provide you with lifestyle experiences that you can enjoy more and share with your loved ones.We want to provide you with lifestyle experiences that you can enjoy more and share with your loved ones.

But I need a Volume Boost for my current data capped plan, where can I still avail of it?

You may go to the GlobeOne app and tap “Buy Promos” to get a Volume Boost. You may also check other promos via the app that you can enjoy.

Can I see my raffle entries or donation in the voucher pocket too?

For raffle campaigns redemptions,  you won’t be able to see the number of your raffle entries or donations in the GlobeOne app. The Voucher Pocket section is intended to keep voucher codes for partner establishments, websites or apps.

How can I check if I have Globe At Home Rewards points balance?

You may view the Rewards points section on main dashboard of your GlobeOne app to check your rewards points balance

Why can’t I redeem using my Globe At Home account?

  • Voucher can only be redeemed via the GlobeOne app within the given promo period.
  • Please note that the required rewards points, voucher offer/s and promo duration are subject to change. 
  • The offer you want to redeem might be unavailable at the moment due to the high number of requests or no longer available in the Rewards catalog. Kindly check the GlobeOne app to know the partner’s current rewards and promo offer. 
  • Rewards redemption capping limit policy: For Globe At Home and Home Prepaid WiFi, the limit is at 5x transactions per week.
  • The use of the voucher is subject to Globe and partner’s terms and conditions.