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Globe Blocks Texts with Clickable Links - Globe Help & Support

Globe Blocks Texts with Clickable Links

Why is Globe blocking texts with clickable links?

We are implementing these additional measures to further curb the increase in spam/scam affecting all our 92 million customers and 66 million customers in GCash. We are committed to the country's economic recovery by ensuring digital adoption is not dampened by these criminals who continue to erode trust in digital services.

What does this text blocking cover? Will you block all text with clickable links from all networks?

Yes, this will cover ALL Person-to-Person (SIM-based, Postpaid or Prepaid) text with clickable links from ALL networks incoming to Globe. This will not affect Application-to-Person text or those that originate from legitimate businesses with branded Sender Names or access codes. (Sample sender names are GLOBE, TM, GCASH and BPI while access codes are 4438 and 2882)

Person-to-person (P2P) messaging refers to sending a text message from your phone to another person's phone while Application-to-Person is sending text messages using a machine or application to multiple recipients.

For example, the message you receive from your friend is P2P while the one you received from Globe is A2P.

Is it possible that I’ll miss important messages because of this security measure?

If a text sent to you by a person includes a link, the delivery of that message will be blocked. You may want to use OTT or Over-The-Top messaging apps.

OTT messaging refers to the sending and receiving of messages over the internet using content providers outside of a telco’s standard messaging networks. These include messages sent via apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage and the like.

How long will this be in effect?

We will revisit the policy after the implementation of the SIM Registration Law or until we see that smishing scams are slowing down in the country. Until then, the priority is in place to protect our customers.

Do I need to adjust any text settings on my phone for this to take effect?

No, all customers in the Globe network are already protected as of September 29, 2022.

Can I unsubscribe from this security measure?

No, this currently applies to all Globe customers and is a network-wide solution.

How will this impact the campaign against spam and scam messages?

Most smishing or scam messages involve sending clickable links to lure people into malicious websites that generally lead to account compromise or the fraud modus itself. We try to block access to those sites as soon as we get reports of the smishing or scam, but it's very reactive. Also, it doesn't spare our customers from the nuisance of receiving them to begin with, even if they do not click the malicious links.

Also, although we have proactive filters to identify scam messages through a variety of means, we are aware that some still get through even as we already blocked 784 million messages from January to July this year, and 1 billion in 2021. This time around, we expect to just block smishing campaigns outright.

Does this mean Globe has the capability to read our text messages?

No, our filtering and blocking technologies can detect links without violating our customers' privacy of communications as defined by our policy. The privacy and security of our customers are of paramount importance to us.

Does Globe have the capacity to block messages with clickable links sent from messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp?

No, unfortunately, these are OTT or over-the-top services that are not within the control of telcos. It will have to be those companies that will provide measures and controls in their platforms to prevent their users from receiving smishing messages.

However, If a customer does happen to click a link in those platforms and we have deemed it malicious, access to that link or website will be blocked in our network.

If I can no longer send text messages with URLs and links, how and where else can I send URLs and links?

It is recommended to use OTT messaging services like Viber, WhatsApp, or Telegram, or by using Messages by Google (as long as the recipient is also using the same messaging software) for Android, or iMessage for Apple or iOS users. We would like to remind our customers to use chat apps responsibly and avoid sending links that may lead to harmful or malicious content.

Is there any other network currently implementing a similar security measure?

We are currently unaware of any other operator globally that blocks ALL text messages with ANY clickable link. This is a first from Globe and it's borne out of our desire to make sure that our customers are safe and secure from these malicious scams.

I still am receiving messages with clickable links, how do I request to stop this?

You can report this immediately in Globe’s StopSpam portal so we can investigate and do necessary actions if found spam or scam -

Additionally, you may also block the sender number  in your phone and set up spam filters thru message settings.