Closer Than Ever

It's starting. Get ready for a world full of new possibilities with Globe 5G on ThePLATINUM Plan. Recreate with the future of mobile technology with the best data surfing experience from Globe.


Get the best from Globe.

Choose a SIM-only plan (ThePLATINUM PLUS) or a plan with a device (ThePLATINUM Plan) that suits your call, text, and data needs.


Experience ThePLATINUM Plan with the latest premium devices.

Stay on your fitness journey with ThePLATINUM Plan.

Charge your Electric Studio single, 7-day, and monthly class passes to your available consumable allowance.


What is ThePLATINUM Plan?

ThePLATINUM Plan is designed to give you, our Platinum customer, the best that Globe has to offer. You may get ThePLATINUM Plan with the latest premium gadget of your choice, or upgrade your subscription with ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS.

Why are ThePLATINUM Plan better than your old Platinum plans?

ThePLATINUM Plans are better because of the following:

  • Globe Priority Network
  • Built-in All-Month Surf and Roam Surf
  • Flexible consumable amount across all plans
  • Up to triple Globe Rewards points every month
  • Unlimited calls and texts to all network
  • Unlimited calls to landline in the same area

Of course, these plans still come with the benefits of being a Globe Platinum customer:

  • Thea, Digital Assistant available 24/7 here and abroad on Facebook Messenger
  • Platinum Hotline (02) 77301888 for landline and 188 for mobile, available 24/7
  • Priority handling in Globes stores
  • Access to international airport lounges
  • Special access to Globe and partner events
  • Special privileges from local and international partner merchants
  • Eligible to become a member of the Ayala Rewards Circle

Do I need to pay extra for Platinum All-Month Surf and Platinum Priority Servicing for ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

No need! These are built-in services and not deducted from your consumable amount.