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GoRENEW Terms & Conditions - Globe Prepaid

GoRENEW Terms & Conditions

These Special Terms supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement (“SA”) and Terms and Conditions specific to the Globe Prepaid GoRENEW Promos (“T&C”) (the SA and T&C shall be collectively referred to as “Agreement”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the Agreement and these Special Terms, the provisions of these Special Terms shall prevail as to the subject matter herein contained. All other terms and conditions of the Agreement not otherwise inconsistent with these Special Terms shall remain binding and effective.

Exclusive Offer to Globe Prepaid Customers

The offer is eligible for Globe Prepaid customers, subject to continuous compliance with these Special Terms or the Agreement.


Globe Prepaid’s GoRENEW promos include:

  • Go90
  • Go120
  • Go140
  • Go250
  • Go400
  • GoUNLI95
  • GoUNLI180
  • SURF4ALL99
  • SURF4ALL249

App-exclusive offer (GCash and GlobeOne exclusive promo):

  • GoEXTRA99


GoRENEW is a feature that gives Globe Prepaid customers the convenience to automatically register to their favorite promos. Registration renewal is open to selected 7-day and 15-day Globe Prepaid promos.

Customers can register via different channels such as texting the keyword, registering via the GlobeOne app, or GCash app.

Promo registration will automatically be renewed within five minutes after its expiry and the cost of the promo will be charged to the customer’s load balance. Because of this, GoRENEW availers need to make sure that they have enough load in their wallet before the schedule of promo renewal. If a customer does not have enough load balance, the promo renewal will not push through and the GoRENEW subscription will be canceled.

To stop the GoRENEW subscription, customers can either (1) text GORENEW STOP to 8080 or (2) click on the click on the “Unsubscribe” button on the homepage of your GlobeOne app under your GoRENEW promo and (3) not having enough load balance during scheduled promo renewal.



  • Recurring promos can co-exist with other Prepaid promos.
  • Recurring promos cannot co-exist with itself and other recurring promos.


  • Prepaid promos can stack with recurring promos (and follow the longest validity).
  • Recurring promos should not be able to stack with themselves and other recurring promos.
  • The wallet allocations of the recurring promos should not be carried over once the promo has been renewed (ex. 3 GB left from Go90 should not be carried over to the next Go90 offer).

Usage Prioritization

  • Promo wallets of mainstream promos stacked with recurring promos will be utilized first.

Multiple Recurring Subscriptions

  • Multiple subscriptions to recurring promos are not allowed.
  • For SMS, GCash, and AMAX registrations, the customer will receive a text saying multiple registrations to recurring promos are not allowed.
  • For GlobeOne, the tick box to enable promo renewal will be disabled if there’s an active subscription to recurring promos.

Promo Modification

  • Any updates to be done on the mainstream equivalent of recurring promo should also be applied to the recurring promo.
  • Updates on recurring promo will be enjoyed by recurring promo availers in the next schedule after the change takes effect.

Promo Deletion

  • In the event that the mainstream promo is discontinued, its equivalent recurring promo will automatically be stopped as well.
  • Recurring promo availer will be notified that recurring promo will be discontinued and that customer must register to another recurring promo.

GoBOOSTER Eligibility

  • Recurring promos are eligible for all GoBOOSTERS that are available to their mainstream counterpart, except for GoLONGER10.


  • The co-existence and stacking rules for the recurring SURF4ALL promos will follow their mainstream counterpart.
  • The BAU rules for adding and removing members from the availed SURF4ALL offer shall be applied to the recurring version.

Opt Out

Availers can opt out of their recurring subscription through the following:

  • Via SMS – single opt out keyword for recurring subscriptions.
  • Once the subscribers send GORENEW STOP to 8080, both the auto-renew function and the promo itself will be removed/opted out.
  • For Android and iOS users, you can click on the “Unsubscribe” button on the homepage of your GlobeOne app under your GoRENEW promo.
  • Not having enough load balance during scheduled promo renewal.