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5G is Now Available in Over 11 Cities within Metro Manila

With the heightened role of digital connectivity, Globe makes its 5G coverage available in more cities in Metro Manila.

Samsung Note20

Powerful Connection at Your Fingertips

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G

It's a 5g-ready powerphone.

Samsung S20

Huawei P40 | P40 Pro

It’s 5G-ready, so you only have to plug-and-play!

Samsung S20

Samsung S20 Ultra

Hyperfast 5G speeds at your fingertips.

Huawei Mate 30

Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

No need for a software update, it’s 5G-ready!

Nova 7 SE

Huawei Nova 7 SE

Here’s the most affordable 5G smartphone, so far.

Huawei Nova 7

Huawei Nova 7

Get a phone with a blistering-fast 5G internet!


Next-Level Connectivity

Make your dream connectivity to come to life using a 5G SIM with a speed that fits your lifestyle. Now available for Prepaid and TM customers.


Possibilities: The 5G Series

Watch Mikael Daez and Janina Vela explain what exactly 5G is and why it’s the next big thing in connectivity.


5G 101

In this podcast series, tech startup founder Roland Ros talks to tech industry leaders on how 5G is bringing future possibilities closer than ever to entertainment, business, cities and homes, and cloud.

The 5G Experience

Change the way you live, play, and work with 5G, now available to all Globe customers.

Globe, Huawei Bring First 5G Smartphone in PH

Globe Platinum customers were first to experience 5G mobile technology through Huawei Mate 30 Pro, a 5G-ready smartphone.

Globe Further Expands Network in 2020

We became the first mobile operator in Southeast Asia to commercially launch 5G and power up 5G-capable devices.

We’re Bringing 5G Closer to You

Last year, we launched 5G AirFiber for our customers at home. This year, we’re making 5G progressively available nationwide.


Learn more about the world’s newest cutting-edge technology.


New Ways to Connect, Watch, Play, and More


Superfast Speeds

Enjoy a lightning-fast internet experience and a more stable connection compared to 4G.


Quality Streaming

Get the best view, watching your favorite shows in HD without interruptions or loading times.


Next-Level Gaming

Experience gaming differently with low lag times and augmented or virtual reality.


Clearer Video Calls

Do conference calls with low to zero lag, clear audio, and super-sharp video resolution.


Intelligent Homes & Offices

Connect your devices to your phone/web app, and control them securely in real-time.

The Future Starts Now

Discover the new possibilities that 5G can bring to your business.

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World of 5G Within Your Reach with Globe’s 5G-Ready Sims

In 2019, Globe was the first to launch 5G for broadband in South East Asia. This also positioned the Philippines as the third country in Asia to offer 5G connectivity, after South Korea and Japan. With broadband Airfiber, Globe at Home customers stay connected with the world right at home, with lightning-fast internet connection. In February 2020, Globe unveiled the first 5G service for mobile and introduced the first 5G device in the country, followed by more affordable 5G-capable smartphones.


Globe 5G Successfully Tests Console-Less Gaming In The Philippines

Today, another promising innovation has been achieved with the successful cloud gaming tests conducted by Globe on its highly anticipated 5G mobile network and in partnership with Apper.ph. Globe tested the possibility of enabling gamers to play graphics-heavy games without needing a console or a high powered computing gadget by marrying cloud technology and 5G low latency and ultra fast speed.

Tech and Lifestyle

Telecom Tests 5G for Cloud Gaming in the Country

Globe, in partnership with Apper.ph, tested their 5G applications to cloud gaming.
Globe’s 5G network played-out TEKKEN7 with an ultra-low latency. This allowed gamers who tested the 5G tech to play the game seamlessly with close to zero lags, something vital in the eSports community, and those who are avid MOBA players.


Globe Makes 5G More Accessible to Filipinos

Globe is yet again making another stride to make 5G more accessible to Filipinos, who are now embracing fully the fast-paced digital life amid growing threats of COVID-19 .
This by making its current LTE SIM cards future-proof to automatically work with 5G and receive 5G signal, and this without paying so much.


What is 5G technology?

5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity that offers faster speed and more reliable internet connection than ever before.

How will I benefit from 5G?

Globally, 5G is in its infancy stage. Besides the advantage in speed and lower latency available to customers today, a lot of exciting things are being developed here and abroad that maximize this technology. Capabilities that allow for medical surgeries to be done remotely, to self-driven cars to artificially powered drones are all being ideated and developed by a multitude of companies. Our goal is to continuously introduce these new and innovative technologies to our customers as they become available.

When will 5G mobile become available and which areas will be covered?

Since we started with Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Makati, Globe is rolling out its 5G coverage to more areas in the country. Within the year, Metro Manila will have 5G coverage. As more 5G-capable devices are made available to the market, Globe will make sure 5G is enjoyed by more Filipinos soon. Outside of Metro Manila, Globe will roll out 5G starting 2021.

If you’re in a 5G zone, your 5G-enabled device will show a 5g signal name or icon.