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New Ways to Connect, Watch, Play, Travel, and More


Superfast Speeds

Enjoy a lightning-fast internet experience and a more stable connection compared to 4G.


Quality Streaming

Get the best view, watching your favorite shows in HD without interruptions or loading times.


Next-Level Gaming

Experience gaming differently with low lag times and augmented or virtual reality.


Clearer Video Calls

Do conference calls with low to zero lag, clear audio, and super-sharp video resolution.


Intelligent Homes & Offices

Connect your devices to your phone/web app, and control them securely in real-time.


A More Immersive Travel Experience 

Create new adventures with the fastest roaming speeds abroad.


How fast is 5G?

Globe 5G is up to 20x faster than LTE with fiber-fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It has an almost real-time latency allowing faster response time needed for new technologies.

What’s the difference between 4G, LTE, and 5G?

5G’s data signals travel through data frequencies across three different spectrums: low-band (great area coverage), mid-band (smaller area coverage), and low-band (lowest area coverage). Unlike 4G and LTE that make use of two spectrum bands, 5G utilizes all three!

Upgrade your 3G SIM to a 5G-Ready SIM for FREE

Start enjoying a better data experience by switching to a 5G-ready SIM.

Step 1

Check your existing SIM by texting SIM CHECK to 8080.

Step 2

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re still using a 2G/3G SIM, you may book an appointment before going to a Globe Store. Postpaid 3G users may simply request for a SIM change via the GlobeOne app.

Step 3

If you can’t find the nearest branch in the list to book an appointment, simply walk in and a Store personnel will assist you.

Step 4

Check out the Stores with Express booths which give priority to those who need to upgrade their SIM.

Unli 5G

Exploring unlimited possibilities is now made more affordable with Globe Postpaid's newest Unli 5G, which is valid for 30 days for only P399! Unli 5G is exclusive to customers with 5G devices in 5G-ready areas.

5G in Your Area

With the heightened role of digital connectivity, Globe makes its 5G coverage available in more cities in Metro Manila.

5G Roaming

Experience next-level connectivity abroad for your best travel experience yet.

We’re Bringing 5G Closer to You

Augmented realities, interactive displays, cloud gaming–experience all these and more with #Globe5G.


Powerful Connection at Your Fingertips

Get your hands on these smartphones, powered by #Globe5G.

The 5G Experience

Change the way you live, play, and work with 5G, now available to all Globe customers.

Globe, Huawei Bring First 5G Smartphone in PH

Globe Platinum customers were first to experience 5G mobile technology through Huawei Mate 30 Pro, a 5G-ready smartphone.

Globe Further Expands Network in 2020

We became the first mobile operator in Southeast Asia to commercially launch 5G and power up 5G-capable devices.

Globe Announces More Areas in Metro Manila as 5G Ready

Globe boosts its 5G service in more key areas in Metro Manila.


Next-Level Connectivity

Make your dream connectivity to come to life using a 5G SIM with a speed that fits your lifestyle. Now available for Prepaid and TM customers.

5G 101

In this podcast series, tech startup founder Roland Ros talks to tech industry leaders on how 5G is bringing future possibilities closer than ever to entertainment, business, cities and homes, and cloud.

Discover the many ways how 5G can shape the way industries do business:
Empower Production

Manufacturing companies can benefit from integrating 5G's reliable communication and low latency into their IoT-powered production machinery.

Upgrade Healthcare

Healthcare professionals can use IoT and 5G to collect real-time data, enabling them to track the changes in their patients' health.

Transform Financial Services

5G and AI together can prevent fraud by quickly tracking, identifying, and flagging potential threats.

Bring People to the Future

Its mainstream adoption will enable companies to do more and be more—to improve the way they do business and the way they interact with customers.

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Learn more about the world’s newest cutting-edge technology.


What is 5G technology?

5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity that offers faster speed and more reliable internet connection than ever before.

How will I benefit from 5G?

Globally, 5G is in its infancy stage. Besides the advantage in speed and lower latency available to customers today, a lot of exciting things are being developed here and abroad that maximize this technology. Capabilities that allow for medical surgeries to be done remotely, to self-driven cars to artificially powered drones are all being ideated and developed by a multitude of companies. Our goal is to continuously introduce these new and innovative technologies to our customers as they become available.

When will 5G mobile become available and which areas will be covered?

Since we started with Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Makati, Globe is rolling out its 5G coverage to more areas in the country. Within the year, Metro Manila will have 5G coverage. As more 5G-capable devices are made available to the market, Globe will make sure 5G is enjoyed by more Filipinos soon. Outside of Metro Manila, Globe will roll out 5G starting 2021.

If you’re in a 5G zone, your 5G-enabled device will show a 5g signal name or icon.