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Investor Relations Program - Globe

We aim for a transparent​ ​disclosure regime​ ​and accessibility for all stakeholders.

​​In accordance with our strong advocacy for Corporate Governance (CG), we​ ​recognize the​ ​importance of regular communication​ ​with our investors, and are​ ​committed to high​ ​standards of disclosure, transparency, and​ ​accountability through our Investor Relations (IR)​ Program. Our IR​ ​Program is geared towards fulfilling​ ​our commitment to a transparent​ ​disclosure regime​ ​and accessibility for all stakeholders.

​As a listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corp. (PDEx​)​, with​ ​reportorial​ ​requirements, rules, and applicable laws​ ​as well as regulations of​ ​relevant regulatory agencies,​ ​we aim to provide a fair, accurate,​ ​complete, and​ ​meaningful assessment of our company’s financial​ ​performance and prospects through the annual​ ​report, quarterly​ ​financial reports, and analyst​ ​presentations.

We practice the regular​ ​disclosure of​ ​our financial results. Quarterly financial results ​are immediately disclosed after the approval of the Board to the PSE and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Quarterly and year-end​ ​financial statements and detailed management’s​ ​discussion and analysis are filed within 45 and 105​ ​calendar days, respectively, from the end of the​ ​financial period. All our financial reporting disclosures​ ​are in compliance with the PSE and SEC​ ​requisites.​ We have also driven management ​​and​ ​respective departments to release our audited ​financial statements within 60 days from financial​ ​y​ear-end, in compliance with the ​​Asian Corporate Governance Scorecard​ ​standard that​ ​is earlier than the local regulatory deadline. These​ ​reports​ ​are made available to the analysts after​ ​disclosure, as well as released​ ​through various media​ ​channels and on our company website.​ ​In case of​ ​mergers, acquisitions, and/or takeovers​ ​requiring shareholders’ approval, the of​f​eree company’s board of​ ​directors shall appoint an​ ​independent party to evaluate the fairness of the​ ​transaction price.​ ​Such shall be disclosed in our​ ​financial statement and relevant reports.

We shall​ ​also ensure our compliance with applicable law,​ ​rules, and​ ​regulations prescribed by the SEC and​ ​the PSE. Any market-sensitive​ ​information such as​ ​dividend declaration is also disclosed to the SEC​ ​and​ ​PSE, and then released through various modes of​ ​communication​ including our company website​.

​In addition to the ​​Annual Stockholders Meeting, we extend various venues​ ​for stakeholders to​ ​communicate effectively with​ ​us through the conduct of analysts’​ ​briefings, ad-hoc briefings, investor conferences, media briefings,​ ​one-on-one or small group meetings, and investor​ ​days that are organized​ ​by our IR Department and/or​ ​Corporate Communications Group or in​ ​partnership​ ​with our shareholders, broker or other partner​ ​institutions.​ ​Other than keeping the company​ ​website up-to-date, these venues​ ​provide another​ ​means for us to discuss our quarterly financial ​​results,​ ​announcements, material disclosures, and​ ​other relevant information​ ​with stakeholders. In​ ​the past years, we have been further streamlining​ ​communication efforts and opening-up several​ ​new customer touch​ ​points, enabling them to​ ​interact with us at their convenience. Among​ ​other​ ​enhancements, we utilized email, live chat, SMS,​ ​website, and​ ​social media channels (e.g., Facebook,​ ​Twitter, Instagram) to provide​ ​our customers with​ ​real-time information and quicker responses to​ ​concerns. A conference call facility is set up during​ ​analysts’ briefings​ ​and meetings to enable wider​ ​participation among shareholders and​ ​other​ ​stakeholders. We also participate in both local​ ​and international​ ​investor conferences, which host​ ​​various shareholders and other​ ​stakeholders. Details​ ​and information on these conferences are​ ​published​ ​on our corporate website. We have sustained this​ ​convenient​ ​and accessible line of communication​ ​through our IR Program in the​ ​last financial year and​ ​will continue to enhance this in the succeeding​ ​years.​ ​

We fully understand that the changes and progress​ ​in digital​ ​lifestyle include the fast-paced character​ of our customers,​ ​shareholders, and diff​erent ​stakeholders. Because of this, our company​ ​website​ ​must also be an effective channel of information​ ​and​ a ​manifestation of our CG advocacy. Among other​ ​information, we keep our​ ​website up-to-date with​ ​corporate announcements, reports, and​ ​disclosures​ ​that are accessible to all stakeholders.

Our website is regularly reviewed and maintained.​ ​Thus, we encourage​ ​our subscribers and stakeholders​ ​to explore the ​​CG and ​​IR pages of​ ​our website to​ ​learn more about our wonderful corporate culture​ ​apart from our products and services.

SEC/PSE Disclosures

View or download the disclosures filed with the SEC and the PSE by year.


Jefferies and Regis Partners Philippines Conference

October 11-13, 2023


Jose Mari Fajardo

Investor Relations