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Globe Business Launches Connected Success Series: Unlocking Business Potential, Together

Embracing digital transformation is more than just about following the latest tech trends; it's a vital strategy to succeed in today's competitive market. It entails overcoming barriers and seizing opportunities to incorporate top-notch ICT solutions, propelling businesses toward sustainability and adaptability. In a constantly evolving business landscape, staying agile and adaptable is imperative to empower companies when navigating challenges like natural disasters and economic downturns, and emerge stronger and ready to seize new growth opportunities.

Globe Business recently spoke to industry leaders and discussed the importance of digitalization as a key strategy for business resilience and sustainability. Bringing the spotlight to how innovation and technology play an essential role in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital era, Globe Business launched Connected Success series. 

Connected Success is a 5-part video series that highlights strategies for sustainability and offers tips to support both immediate and long-term goals of Filipino businesses.

Joining the video series are KD Dizon,  Vice President and Head of Globe Business;  Bill Luz, Chairman of Liveable Cities Philippines and Chief Resilience Officer of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation; Jack Madrid, President and CEO of IBPAP; Josiah Go, Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.; and TG Limcaoco, President and CEO of BPI.

Through Connected Series, Globe Business provides deeper insights and perspectives from distinguished leaders of various sectors. This video series touches on various topics from business practices driving sustainable success to crucial discussions on how to maximize opportunities for business evolution.

Waist-up headshot of Bill Luz, Jack Madrid, KD Dizon, Josiah Go, and TG Licaoco, the leaders joining the Globe Business' Connected Success Series.

KD Dizon shares insights into best practices and discusses how digitalization contributes to the overall business continuity strategies of enterprises. In her episode, KD offers practical advice on how businesses can integrate digital transformation to help the resiliency goals of each organization.

Bill Luz outlines the role of technology and innovation as a catalyst for investments by embracing digital transformation. In his talk, he discusses how cities can become centers of innovation through collaboration and digitalization.

Jack Madrid delves deeper into sustainable IT strategies for enterprises. He emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices, empowered talents, and secure connections in shaping business fortitude. 

Josiah Go addresses the vital topic of sustainability and continuity for Filipino MSMEs. He discusses the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on MSMEs and addresses challenges and opportunities it presents for businesses in the country.

And to cap the series off, TG Limcaoco sheds light on the landscape of Open Finance in the Philippines, and its importance to financial institutions and customers alike. 

Connected Success also spotlights how innovation and technology plays an essential role in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital era.

“I think it’s very important for companies to continue to innovate, to stay relevant with their customers, and to be future-ready to unlock their full business potential. Digital innovation helps your companies stay very consistent and relevant in the market,” Dizon says.

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