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Globe Business and Ugbo 24/7: Advanced ICT Solutions

Globe Business and Ugbo 24/7: Cooking Up Success with Advanced ICT Solutions

Globe Business leverages the power of robust connectivity and innovative technology to power Ugbo 24/7, a new culinary venture of former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.


Ugbo 24/7 pays homage to the popular street food culture of Ugbo Street, Tondo, one of Moreno’s favorite food digs in his home city. His restaurant offers a concise menu featuring affordable signature dishes such as Tumbong, Camto, Dila, and Lechon Kawali.


This new dining hotspot endeavors to bring the beloved gastronomic delights of Tondo closer to a wider audience. Located at One World Square, McKinley Hill, Taguig City, Ugbo 24/7 particularly aims to bridge Tondo delicacies to the dynamic workforce of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector and its nearby residents. 


Globe Business steps in as a crucial enabler for Ugbo 24/7’s digitalization journey. By providing a comprehensive suite of connectivity and business applications, Globe Telecom’s B2B arm supports the restaurant's operational needs and growth ambitions. 

Globe Business signs deal with former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno

Globe Business signs a deal with former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno for his latest venture, Ugbo 24/7, to deliver a better connectivity experience for customers. In this photo are (L-R) Jef Cruz, Chief Commercial Officer, RUSH; Cocoy Claravall, Vice President for Sales, Globe Business; Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, owner of Ugbo 24/7; and Nikko Acosta, Chief Strategy Officer, Globe and CEO of Brave Connective Holdings, Inc.


The partnership encompasses a phased service implementation, starting with existing Fixed Broadband and Mobile solutions made to power the food hub’s connectivity. This is followed by the deployment of advanced tools such as Inquiro for data analytics, Rush eStore for end-to-end online selling platform, and m360 for multi-channel communication services.


"We are excited to support Ugbo 24/7 as they unlock their full business potential. We do this by providing them with the essential technological backbone that enhances productivity and overall business performance, powered by Globe’s reliable connectivity. Our role is to ensure that Ugbo 24/7 can operate seamlessly and efficiently, enabling them to focus on delivering quality dining experiences to their customers,” said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business.


"Drawing from my personal experience – after a long day at work, I always look for ‘feel good food’ that is affordable, delicious, and satisfying. In launching Ugbo 24/7, my goal was not only to offer a taste of Tondo's best but also to ensure that our food remains flavorful and enjoyable without breaking the bank.” Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno mentions as he invites everyone to visit his new venture.


Emphasizing the importance of technology in enhancing his business operations, Moreno also shared, “Partnering with Globe Business equips us with the tools we need to better understand our market, streamline our operations, and expand our reach. Their support is invaluable in helping us achieve our vision for Ugbo 24/7."


This collaboration reflects the commitment of Globe Business to empower MSMEs to thrive in today’s digital era. By leveraging the strengths of Globe Business's connectivity and ICT capabilities, Ugbo 24/7 is well-positioned to achieve operational success and deliver exceptional service to its customers.


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