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KodeGo Revolutionizes Job-Skills Matching - Globe Newsroom

KodeGo Revolutionizes Job-Skills Matching with Customizable TaaS Program

Innovative startup KodeGo is transforming the job-skills matching landscape with its Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) program, offering educational solutions meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of different companies.

The TaaS program builds on KodeGo's expertise in technology and skills training to provide a personalized approach that enables enterprises to equip their workforce with specific skills crucial to achieving strategic objectives.

Speaking at the recent ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) Conference and Exhibition, KodeGo Entrepreneur-In-Residence Cristina Gervasio shared how they work with companies in two distinct ways to address diverse and evolving business requirements.

To democratize education for Filipinos aged 18 and above, KodeGo conducts intensive tech bootcamps, helping its graduates secure placements with company partners in as short as three months. 

With over 4,000 enrollees and 1,300 graduates since its launch in 2021, KodeGo opens new job opportunities for individuals from all walks of life – from delivery riders to wedding photographers, all of whom are eager to upskill themselves and enhance their professional value.

KodeGo’s commitment to breaking barriers in traditional education is further reflected in the groundbreaking TaaS program and its impact on clients and the larger learning community.

"For our TaaS, the process is simple, yet very effective," explained Gervasio. "We have a conversation with the human resources team, and they come back to us with a 'laundry list' that needs to be addressed within their current pool of employees. We then craft a very specific curriculum that we both agree upon and embark on that journey together."

One shining example of the TaaS initiative's success is KodeGo's collaboration with shared services company Asticom Group of Companies, where a special six-month cadetship program, namely AstiELEVATE, was designed to upskill 10 young fresh graduates. The tailored course included both technical skills such as Full Stack Web Development and essential soft skills such as leadership modules.

"So far, (TaaS) attrition is at zero because there is so much buy-in from the start from all the parties," added Gervasio.

With their TaaS program, the ability to customize courses demonstrates KodeGo's commitment to evolving alongside the needs of businesses, further underlining its dedication to redefining education and training.

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