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Things at the New-Gen Globe Store That Just Make Sense

Things at the New-Generation Globe Store That Just Make Sense

next-generation Globe store in Glorietta 3, Makati City

Globe has always been a pioneer in innovation, and with the launch of its next-generation store in Glorietta 3, Makati City, it has truly elevated the retail experience. 

Here are some standout features that you'll find both impressive and incredibly sensible at the new-generation Globe Store, designed by world-leading retail experience specialists Landor & Fitch: 

next-generation Globe store check-in area

Self-check-in Service Queue: Booked ahead? Simply scan your QR code at the in-store kiosk for a personalized welcome. For spontaneous visits, use the GlobeOne SuperApp or the kiosk to book on the spot. It's all designed with you in mind for a seamless experience.

next-generation Globe store self-service payment machines

Self-service Payment Machines: Say goodbye to those tedious long waits. With two dedicated payment terminals available around the clock, you can pop in for a late-night errand or an early-morning task. No need to adjust your plans or deal with the peak-hour rush to pay your bills, buy prepaid load, or cash into your GCash account. You may also buy prepaid SIMs via the Pay Machines. You'll appreciate the user-friendliness and speed of these payment terminals, ensuring your experience is smooth and efficient. 

next-generation Globe store gadget vendo

Grab and Go Gadget Vendo: Whether you're on a tight schedule or just in a hurry, this feature allows you to select, pay for, and collect your desired gadget in a matter of minutes. It's retail efficiency at its best.

next-generation Globe store 0917 Lifestyle products

0917 Lifestyle Product Showcase: Dive into the world of 0917. Feel the products, experience their quality, and see the latest in trendy apparel and tech accessories. It's a feast for the senses, helping you make the best choices.

next-generation Globe store interactive area

Interactive Multi-user Screen: Beyond a mere display, this is your portal to immersive entertainment. Engage with family and friends through interactive games centered around popular themes like gaming and K-culture. Whether you're waiting for service or just looking to pass the time, it promises a captivating experience.

next-generation Globe store device display

Customer Hubs: Globe understands that everyone's tech journey is unique. Even if you’re just starting out or are tech-savvy, these hubs are ready to assist. Expert staff and diverse servicing methods ensure you'll find the perfect solution tailored just for you.

next-generation Globe store touch screen online shop

Touch Screen Online Shop: Why limit yourself to in-store products? Explore Globe's entire online catalog, read reviews, compare, and even snag online-exclusive deals—all while you're in the store.

The new Globe Store is a masterclass in modern retail, blending innovation with customer-centricity to offer you an unparalleled shopping experience. So, the next time you're in Makati City, make sure to drop by and experience the future of retail for yourself.

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