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Globe Network Energy Efficiency Initiative

Globe Boosts Network Energy Efficiency via Wireless Access Cost-Saving Initiative

Energy consumption down by 637 MWh, 464 metric tons in CO2 reduction

Globe has unveiled its wireless access cost-saving initiative that uses advanced technology to boost energy efficiency and reduce operational costs, underscoring the company’s dedication to network optimization and sustainability.

The power-saving features inherent in Base Station Technology (BTS) will allow Globe to integrate Symbol Power Saving and Carrier Shutdown techniques into its LTE and 5G networks. Both solutions lessen energy consumption by adapting the network's operation to real-time demand, ensuring high efficiency without compromising service quality.

Symbol Power Saving or "Microsleep” conserves energy during brief idle moments by disabling the power amplifier when no data is transmitted, achieving about 1-4% power savings. During extended low-traffic periods, Carrier Shutdown is employed to maintain essential coverage while disabling capacity layers, leading to substantial power savings of approximately 3% to 7%.

Through these initiatives, Globe conserved around 637 MWh by end 2023, translating to a carbon footprint reduction of 464 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

"The successful implementation of these advanced BTS power-saving techniques highlights our commitment to sustainability and innovation," said Joel Agustin, Globe's SVP Head of Network Planning and Engineering. "We continue to integrate sustainability initiatives into our network plans to reduce the energy consumption of our equipment. Leveraging the latest technology, we are not only enhancing our operational efficiency but also leading the industry towards a more sustainable future."

Globe’s strategy encompasses a holistic approach to energy conservation and performance optimization without compromising user experience. Aside from utilizing BTS technology's power-saving features, Globe is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for enhanced efficiency, adopting energy-efficient solutions, decommissioning outdated equipment, and making use of data analytics and crowdsourcing to reduce reliance on physical drive tests.

The company’s energy-saving efforts are part of its broader commitment to environmental stewardship, aiming to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. As Globe continues to invest in and explore new technologies, it reaffirms its dedication to creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

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