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Amdocs and Globe’s Award-Winning Disaster Relief Partnership

Amdocs and Globe’s Award-Winning Disaster Relief Partnership

The true story of mission-critical collaboration between Amdocs and Globe in a Philippine super typhoon. #TalesOfAmazing


Communication becomes a lifeline in life's most challenging moments, like the devastating super-typhoon that hit the Philippines.


This disaster brought torrential rains, floods, landslides, and 160 mph winds, severing the communication lines for 23 million people. 


As Emmanuel Estrada SVP, Technology Strategy & Service Integration at Globe Telecom, articulated so clearly, “…communication is aid. It’s like water and electricity. You need to be able to reach your loved ones and find out what’s going on around you. To do that, you need connectivity.”


Recognizing that communication is as essential as water and electricity, Globe of Good, the award-winning disaster relief initiative between Globe and Amdocs, was born.



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