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BGC's Premier Restos Join Gourmet Giving Series

BGC's Premier Restos Join Gourmet Giving Series to Support The Hapag Movement

Two of the most iconic dining destinations in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) are joining the Gourmet Giving Series for The Hapag Movement, an exquisite dining experience that combines gastronomic excellence and charitable giving.

Alegria Manila interior

Alegria Manila and Gallery by Chele are participating in the heartwarming initiative of Globe and Fining Dining Club Philippines Facebook community this November.  A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the fight against involuntary hunger in the country.

Gallery by Chele slice tender smoked Iberico pork

Alegria, known for its inventive fusion of Filipino and Latin American cuisine, is set to offer a 10-course tasting menu featuring 13 dishes for ₱5,500+ per person from November 21 to 26, 2023. It will be the longest-running event of the Gourmet Giving Series.

Alegria Manila gourmet dish

Showcasing Alegria's commitment to culinary innovation and cultural exploration, the menu is an invitation to interact with food in new ways, highlighted by the use of a custom-made balisong to slice tender smoked Iberico pork, signifying a blend of tradition and modernity. The restaurant's ambience, with its contemporary art and an impressive grill, complements the interactive dining experience, creating an atmosphere that is "maximalist and unapologetically Alegria."

Alegria Manila gourmet dish
Alegria Manila gourmet dish

On November 23, Gallery by Chele will present an eight-course tasting menu for lunch and dinner featuring Chef Chele Gonzalez's most cherished dishes, celebrating his decade-long culinary journey in the Philippines. Priced at ₱5,500+ per person, the menu incorporates gotu kola, an herb known for its health benefits, underscoring the restaurant's philosophy of wellness through cuisine. The chef will be around to entertain guests at lunch time.

Gallery by Chele gourmet dish

Chef Chele's Spanish roots and his experiences in some of the world’s best kitchens are evident in the dishes that earned the restaurant its place in the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ inaugural 51-100 List.

Chele gourmet dish

In partnership with Fine Dining Club Philippines, Globe acts as the connector, crafting meaningful experiences for its customers while contributing to the Hapag Movement’s goal of changing the lives of 500,000 Filipinos facing involuntary hunger. The series is a testament to the power of technology and partnerships in creating a #GlobeOfGood.

Gallery by Chele interior

"Through the Gourmet Giving Series, we are offering our customers an opportunity to indulge in world-class culinary creations while making a significant impact on the community. It's a celebration of Filipino resilience and the spirit of Bayanihan, proving that the simple act of dining can be transformed into a powerful gesture of giving,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer of the Globe Group.

Alegria Manila gourmet dish

"We are thrilled to work with an active and influential online community like Fine Dining Club to bring more joy to the holidays for those who partake of the fine dining experience and the beneficiaries who will be helped by this campaign," said RG Orense, Globe Digital and Social Strategy Head. "Together, we are bridging the virtual and real world to mobilize and make a tangible impact in communities that need it most."

Fine Dining Club Philippines plays a pivotal role, leveraging its network of over 23,300+ members to amplify the series' impact. Founded by entrepreneur JC Cailles-Lo, the community brings together discerning diners and renowned chefs to foster exclusive events and partnerships that celebrate the art of fine dining.

The Hapag Movement and the Gourmet Giving Series highlight the synergy between culinary arts and social responsibility, setting a new standard for how dining experiences can contribute to the greater good.

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