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Globe Pushes for Social Changes through Digital Technology | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Pushes for Social Changes through Digital Technology

PHOTO CAPTION: Indigenous communities benefit from the drinking water brought by AIDFI’s Hydraulic Ram Pump.

Businesses play an important role in helping address some of the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges that the country is currently facing, prompting the need to bring purposeful innovations for societal impact to the spotlight.

Globe, one of the biggest players in the Philippine market, harnesses the power of digital technology to accelerate social changes and create significant social impact. Huge investments in the local telecommunications industry during the past two decades have given mobile access to a much larger percentage of the population, opened the floodgates of data, and increased efficiency of both large corporations and micro, small, and medium enterprises.

ICT also opened the doors to technologies that can address various social problems such as financial inclusion for unserved and underserved Filipinos through GCash mobile wallet as well as access to medical advice via KonsultaMD hotline.

“For us to be relevant we must continue to contribute to the progressive development of our markets and communities,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications. "We do our best to bring about the change needed to make a genuine impact through social innovations that utilizes technology.”

However, solving the multitude of problems that the country has requires all the help it can get. Globe, through its Globe Future Makers (GFM) program, for instance, taps startups interested in using tech for social good by providing them mentorship, marketing assistance, and networking opportunities, among others.

GFM was implemented in 2017 to influence and build a whole ecosystem of social innovators who can help create a positive impact on society with the help of technology. It is aligned with the social innovation program of the Singtel Group of Companies for the Asia-Pacific.

This year, Antipara Exploration and Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation (AIDFI) emerged as the top social innovators for GFM. Both have developed technological tools to help solve some of the country’s most exigent social challenges.

Antipara conducts underwater mapping and survey.

Antipara is an underwater 3D geospatial mapping and analytics company for maritime and environment inspection. It created an algorithm that provides information for marine zoning and management which can be used for various projects such as tourism, the building of ports and designation of marine protected areas and for damage assessment and maritime examination through 3D inspection of undersea infrastructure, such as cables, pipes, and foundations.

Globe, being also an advocate of marine biodiversity and eco-tourism, is currently working with Antipara in checking the waters around major tourist spots in the country, beginning with Siargao.

On the other hand, AIDFI operates the Hydraulic Ram Pump, a water-powered pump that brings water from lower to higher-elevated villages or farms with no electricity or fuel and emits zero pollution. AIDFI also developed an app to monitor water delivery, technical repairs, money collection, and meetings. Recently, AIDFI adapted a solar-powered, coin-operated water kiosk that serves households and releases 20 liters of water for only P1 to ensure fairer water distribution and better collection for the water association compared to public tap stands.

“We now see how mobile applications can be integrated since the program is about shared value. Globe is active in communities or schools that have no easy access to water, which the ram pump can help solve. We are already discussing this with Globe, and we are excited about the areas for possible cooperation,” said AIDFI co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Auke Idzenga, a Dutch national who has been in the country since 1985.

Likewise, Globe helps uplift the nation’s education through the Global Filipino Schools (GFS) program which empowers public schools with ICT-trained teachers, new gadgets, and critical infrastructure. It also provided ICT infrastructure support to HOPELINE, the 24/7 emotional crisis intervention hotline.

Aside from employing technology, Globe also tries to safeguard the public against the negative aspects of ICT. As the leader in digital entertainment and lifestyle, Globe came out with the #PlayItRight campaign against pirated and illegal content and encourages the public to firmly stand behind content creators, respect their hard work and help sustain their jobs.

On the other hand, the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) teaches Filipino youth about the impact of their online behavior through workshops on cybersecurity, safety, online responsibility and leadership, and empowerment. DTP was recently adopted by the Department of Education (DepEd) as part of the Values Education subject in K-12.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, visit Globe Sustainability.

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