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LyrOpera Donates ₱200K from Fundraising Concert to Hapag Movement

Harmony for Change: LyrOpera Donates ₱200K from Fundraising Concert to The Hapag Movement

BANNER CAPTION: [L-R] Globe Communications Senior Expert Jan Merced, SJCSAA VP Internal Wilson Sy, FFCAAI EVP Charles Kohchet Chua, SJCSAA President Stella Maleen Sia, Tzu Chi Philippines CEO Henry Yunez, LyrOPERA Founder Sherwin Sozon, DMS Helen Lim Benoza, DMS Hubert Sy, DMS Imee Monzon Sy, and Globe Lead Expert for Stakeholder Community Governance Jim Akut II

Globe and Lyric Opera of the Philippines (LyrOpera) have united to tackle the urgent challenge of involuntary hunger, urging communities into action through a fundraising concert that drew ₱200,000 in support of The Hapag Movement.

The funds were channeled via Hapag Movement's implementing partner, international humanitarian entity, Tzu Chi Foundation. This contribution is set to benefit over 1,000 tech-voc and college scholars, encompassing tuition, academic materials, transportation, and allowances, empowering them to complete their studies and secure employment.

"Our partnership with LyrOpera proves that if organizations work together, they have the potential to drive change and confront the pressing problems of our society such as hunger and joblessness. We're honored to be a part of this remarkable initiative and eagerly anticipate future collaborations with LyrOpera," said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

Sherwin Sozon, co-founder of LyrOpera, also emphasized the gravity of the hunger problem and why LyrOpera stepped forward to help.

“Hunger is a big problem that impacts all facets of life. How can we expect people to improve, to think about education, work, helping others, or even themselves if they feel hungry? Hunger triggers the survival mode in us. If we are hungry, that becomes our sole focus. I strongly urge all companies in the Philippines to support Hapag, as they are doing commendable work to alleviate hunger,” he said.

LyrOpera, established in 2012 by tenors Sozon and John Glenn Gaerlan, has always been at the forefront of promoting Filipino classical singers through various avenues such as performance, education, and outreach. Their recent effort, a partnership with Tsinoy group Dragon Music Season called “懷念老歌 (Music of Yesteryears)” concert held at Fr. Peter Yang Hall at Saint Jude Catholic School was the grand finale of a three-year online show that offered solace to elderly Chinese during the pandemic. 

The grand concert was presented by Dragon Music Season and St. Jude Catholic School; and co-presented by the Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Associations Inc., SJCS Alumni Association and ChinoyTV. The event's success was evident not just in its musical brilliance but also in its philanthropic impact.

Stella Maleen Sia, President of the Saint Jude Catholic Alumni Association, shared that the Hapag Movement was introduced to the concert organizers when they were deciding on a fundraising beneficiary. 

“The Hapag Movement was brought to us by the Tzu Chi Foundation, which we’re very passionate about because of what Tzu Chi has been doing for the Filipino-Chinese community. We decided to give back to Tzu Chi and the Hapag Movement, given that Hapag’s advocacy is feeding the marginalized community,” Sia said.

The Hapag Movement, Globe of Good’s flagship initiative, is dedicated to supporting vulnerable families by addressing hunger and providing sustainable livelihood programs through tech and partnerships.

While the 懷念老歌 (Music of Yesteryears) has concluded, LyrOpera's mission continues. Sozon has announced a partnership with a Hong Kong opera company for performances on November 10 and 12, 2023 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The twin bill - Cavalleria Rusticana and Il Pagliacci, will showcase both local and Hong Kong artists, with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra providing the accompaniment.

In the face of current adversities, the alliance between Globe and LyrOpera stands as a reminder that collective efforts can indeed pave the way for transformative and enduring change.

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