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Globe Steps Up Drive for Online Responsibility - Globe Newsroom

Globe Steps Up Drive for Online Responsibility; Advocates Fact Checks Against Fake News

As Globe empowers the digital lives of Filipinos and enables the massive use of social media, it also takes into account the risks that consumers may be exposed to in the digital world.

From prevention of online piracy and cyber bullying, to protecting one's digital  identity and discernment of fake news, Globe has been advocating online responsibility among Filipino netizens. Globe is quick to point out that online threats are real and there are people who use the internet other than serving good intentions. 

In the case of fake news for instance, the internet may be used as an agent of disinformation. Fake news tends to influence people on what they think is true, presented in a novel way to appear as credible information. Digital platforms, especially social media, spread it exponentially to the most vulnerable members of society.

According to Pew Research Center Mobile Technology and Impact Survey in 2018, 68% of Filipinos claimed to have been exposed to misinformation when using social media, still 46%  believe that social media provides more reliable information than other sources.


“This is a challenge of the 21st century. The digital platforms consumers are using right now may offer some solutions.  However, a larger part of the responsibility rests on us as netizens. When we are online, we have the power to click the dustbin, unshare, or report questionable content. We just have to start using these tools more often.  We can prevent other people from falling victim if we fact check and refuse to spread fake news,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer. 

To educate consumers about the risks of fake news and an emerging tool like deepfake that can be used to spread it, Globe partnered with well-respected businessman, singer and icon Jose Mari Chan to deliver the message.

Fake News comes in many different forms, one of which is deepfake videos. Deepfake is a technology that applies the likeness of one person onto another person’s body. While it is currently being used on social media for entertainment and comedic purposes, it can be an extremely harmful tool when used to proliferate fake news.

WIth Jose Mari Chan’s relevancy during the Christmas season, he is a highly recognizable personality to attract people’s attention and advocate against fake news. Watch him announce an important Christmas message at GlobeICON’s Facebook page.

Since 2016, Globe has been advocating  online responsibility  through its Digital Thumbprint Program, a series of workshops on cyber wellness and security especially aimed towards the youth.  Globe is committed to support 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  To learn more about Globe’s sustainability efforts, visit our Sustainability page.

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