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What is the New GlobeOne?

Starting August 2021, the New GlobeOne app, your digital companion for all your Globe needs will have a new look and feel user app experience. The new app will still allow you to monitor all your Prepaid Globe and TM accounts, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, Broadband MyFi.

How can I access the New GlobeOne?

The New GlobeOne is available via App Store and Google Play Store to ALL Globe Prepaid, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, and TM users only starting August 2021.

Just register and enroll your Globe Prepaid/TM and Home Prepaid WiFi accounts. Be sure to connect to the internet when accessing the new GlobeOne app

How do I sign up for the New GlobeOne app?

You may sign up by using a valid email address or third-party credentials such as Google, Facebook, Apple ID and Yahoo Mail. Once registered, you may start adding your Globe accounts, Prepaid/TM numbers and Home Prepaid WiFi accounts.

When adding an account, New GlobeOne will send a one-time PIN via text to the number being enrolled. Just key in the PIN within the duration stated in the text.

Note: If you’re already registered to the current GlobeOne app, your enrolled accounts won’t automatically be added to your GlobeOne account list.