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Direct Billing of Apps Subscription Tutorial - Globe
Pay for your game or in-app purchases conveniently using your Globe Prepaid or Postpaid bill.

With Globe Direct Carrier Billing, you can avoid the fuss of loading your credit card details in Google Play. Enjoy your favorite apps and add-ons instantly by charging them directly to your Prepaid or TM load, or Postpaid bill.

If your Globe account is not connected to Google Play

Step 1

Select your add-on, and click "Continue."

Step 2

Choose "Enable Globe Telecom Billing", and hit "Send."

Step 3

Fill out your billing details, and click "Save."

Step 4

Check your billing details and select "Accept" to confirm.

Step 5

Click "Buy", and confirm your Google password.

Step 6

Accept the Terms and Conditions, and wait for the payment confirmation.

If your Globe account is connected to Google Play

Step 1

Locate the app shop, and select your desired item.

Step 2

Choose "Globe Telecom Account" as your payment method, and hit "Buy."

Step 3

Wait for the payment confirmation.