12 Things You Might Not Have Known About Dynasty’s Elizabeth Gillies

The CW remake of the iconic ‘80s soap opera came with a sassier, feistier Fallon Carrington

As it can often be said about fame, wealth is also a family business. And for the Carrington clan, wealth is never without drama, scandal and, well, even more drama.

Caught in the middle of the rich man’s tussle is outsider-turned-new-bride Cristal Flores (played by The Vampire Diaries actress Nathalie Kelley) who foolishly believes she has found her quiet, happy ending when she impulsively weds billionaire Blake Carrington (Grant Show). She later learns through unfortunate and several embarrassing circumstances that her past is not far behind and that becoming the latest member of the 1% comes with a price.

The breakout star of the show however? Elizabeth “Liz” Gillies, the 24-year-old actress and singer who plays Fallon Carrington. Ambitious and ruthless, Fallon’s not one to be written off as another spoiled daddy’s girl. As the only one of Blake’s two children who inherited his business savvy, Fallon has her sights set on making a name for herself—with or without the help of the family business.

Fallon (and by extension, Elizabeth Gillies) has turned the soap opera reboot into the millennial’s new guilty pleasure. “I just really fell in love with Fallon, and how they re-imagined her to fit 2017,” Gillies told Teen Vogue. “I then went back and watched a ton of Dynasty, and I decided I needed to do this job.”

What exactly do viewers know about the actress on the rise? Here, we reveal fun, little-known facts about the New Jersey native, giving you more reason to love the Dynasty star.

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Elizabeth is one of two Gillies kids.

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Elizabeth’s brother George is three years younger.

She made her professional debut on Broadway.


Already a triple threat at the young age of 15, Gillies took on the character of Lucy in Jason Robert Brown’s original Broadway musical 13.

She also dabbled in voice acting.


Gillies lent her vocals to Daphne of Winx Club from 2007 to 2013 and even sang in one episode of The Penguins of Madagascar in 2015.

Gillies practically grew up in the industry with pop star Ariana Grande.

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From 13 to Victorious and then Winx Club, 2018 marks 11 years of friendship for Gillies and Grande. “I auditioned for Victorious in New York along with a lot of my former cast mates from the Broadway show 13,” Gillies told Seventeen. “One of these cast mates happened to be Ariana Grande who now plays Cat on the show! We booked Victorious together which was totally surreal. This was the fourth consecutive job we had booked together. Ariana was the only person in the cast I knew before hand, but it only took about a day for us all too really hit it off. I knew after the first day on set that our cast was going to be like a family and luckily I was right. We all get along really great.”

Gillies even appeared in Grande’s music video for “Right There” featuring Big Sean.

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And the two friends released a duet together in 2013.

 The track is part of Grande’s first holiday album, "Christmas Kisses."

But back to Victorious, Gillies had to commit to her role as Jade West, which meant dyeing her hair black for three years.

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This was the Nickelodeon show that launched Gillies’ TV career.

A sucker for the holidays, Gillies absolutely lives for Halloween.

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No, really, she and her friends go all out in October.

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And it was the sort of thing that started early.

She captioned this post with: “The original Cady Heron. #TBT #Halloween #MyChildhood”.

When you throw in the fact that she has a knack for baking, you get things like…

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A quick look at her Instagram stories will tell you this: the girl knows how to run a kitchen.

Gillies admits she gets her sense of humor from her father.

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"Here's a pic of me & my Dad. You'll notice he has cicadas all over his face & you'll also notice that I'm very much enjoying it,” she said on Instagram on Father’s Day. “I attribute most of my sense of humor to my Dad & it's safe to say I can attribute most of my weirdness to him, too.”

And that humor goes hand-in-hand with her wit.

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She is, unabashedly, a dog person.

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