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Disney+ Philippines: Subscription Plans, Pricing, and More!

Looking forward to a night in with a good movie or binge-worthy series? Disney+ has you covered! From classic Disney films to Pixar animations and movies from the MCU, you'll find a diverse array of storytelling and blockbuster franchises.

Its content spans genres from thrilling suspense to heart-stopping action—and, of course, the classic Disney magic—so there's something for everyone. Discover what makes Disney+ a standout and why it's a worthy addition to your viewing experience.

What is Disney+?

An all-access subscription to the streaming platform Disney+ lets Filipinos unlock a slew of amazing entertainment titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star. Stream your favorite Korean content, action-packed series, and heart-melting films that aren’t available to watch on any other streaming service. Do this all from the comforts of home.

What’s notable about Disney+ is that it offers a more extensive library of new content and old favorites. Disney+ also carries original show series from its subsidiaries, such as Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and The Book of Boba Fett from Star Wars, just to name a few.

How to Watch Disney+ in the Philippines

With its official launch in the country, viewers no longer need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access Disney+ services. Simply subscribe to the platform and download the Disney+ app on your mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV to enjoy thousands of hours of quality entertainment.

Getting the Disney+ subscription gives you the option to download select content and watch them offline. This also lets you manage your favorite Disney content without racking up extra data charges or draining your bandwidth at home.

For prepaid subscribers, customers may subscribe to Disney+ through their load credits. On the other hand, those with postpaid plans may charge their subscription to their monthly bill, while Globe Platinum users may choose to include a Disney+ subscription in their consumable allowance.

Customers with the GlobeOne app may also subscribe to Disney+ using Globe Rewards points for a monthly Premium Plan at 295 points.

How Much is Disney+ in the Philippines?

Starting April 24, 2024, Disney+ subscriptions will be updated to the Basic Plan for ₱249 and the Premium Plan for ₱519. Disney+ subscriptions come in two packages: Mobile and Premium. Prices are ₱159 and ₱369 per month, respectively.

The Mobile plan offers an HD (720p) video streaming quality on one mobile phone or tablet. In contrast, the Premium plan allows more flexibility with up to four screens concurrently streaming at 4K Ultra HD (2160p). The Premium plan, in addition, enables you to stream on your laptop and smart TV.

Still thinking about which Disney+ subscription best fits you and your family’s lifestyle? Here’s a quick comparison of the two:


Disney+ Basic Plan
Disney+ Premium Plan

Globe Special Rates Pay Monthly*



Globe Special Rates Pay Annually*



Watch all Titles

Download Selected Content & Watch Offline on Max 10 Mobile Devices only***

Create Profiles

Up to 7

Up to 7

Concurrent Streaming

1 Screen

4 Screens

Maximum Video Quality

Up to Full HD (1080p)

Up to 4K Ultra HD (2160p)

Maximum Audio Quality

Up to Dolby Atmos (5.1 Dolby)

Up to Dolby Atmos (5.1 Dolby)

Compatible Devices Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and TV Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and TV
Maximum Device Log In 3 10

*Subscription required.
**Downloaded content will remain on your device for a limited amount of time as long as you are an active Disney+ subscriber and your device is connected to the internet at least once every 30 days.
***Video and audio quality are subject to internet service, device capabilities, content, and subscription type. Please note that Smart TVs require HDCP V2 & HDCP V2.2 for Full HD (1080p) and 4K Ultra HD (2160p) content playback, respectively.

Must-Watch Movies on Disney+

Explore Disney+'s vast entertainment library at your fingertips. Brace yourself for a binge-worthy experience with these movies. 


Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version)

Stream it on March 15






Get ready to experience Taylor Swift's epic The Eras Tour from the comfort of your couch! This release includes the beloved song cardigan and four extra acoustic performances, making it the first time you can experience the concert in its entirety. With a record-breaking gross of over $260 million worldwide, The Eras Tour is the top-selling concert film of all time! Catch it on Disney+ this month!



Now Streaming






This inspiring documentary follows the incredible journey of 12-year-old Anthony Madu. Leaving behind his family and community in Nigeria, Anthony embarks on a life-changing adventure to attend one of the world's most prestigious ballet schools in England. Watch Anthony's unwavering spirit as he navigates the complexities of adapting to a new culture. He must find his place among his peers and confront unexpected hurdles that could change his future.


Descendants: The Rise of Red

Stream it this summer






Get ready for a twist on classic fairytales with this story about two unlikely heroes: Red, the feisty daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe, the kindhearted daughter of Cinderella.


Red and Chloe must join forces when a looming threat casts a shadow over Auradon. Armed with the White Rabbit's magical pocket watch, they embark on a daring adventure through time. Their mission? Prevent a disastrous event that holds terrible consequences for their fairytale world. Can these two princesses from opposite ends of the spectrum overcome their differences and work together?

Must-See Series on Disney+

Discover captivating series for endless hours of entertainment at your fingertips.


Wonderful World

Now streaming






Eun Soo-hyun (Kim Nam-joo) is a brilliant psychology professor and acclaimed writer. Her world shatters when her young son dies in an accident. Driven by grief and a desire for justice, Eun Soo-hyun takes matters into her own hands to seek revenge on the perpetrator. During her pursuit, she encounters others who share her pain, finding solace and an unexpected connection.



Now streaming






Forget the King of the Jungle! Instead, venture into the animal kingdom to celebrate the fierce and remarkable female leaders who reign supreme. Narrated by the iconic Angela Bassett, Queens delves into the fascinating lives of matriarchs and female leaders across the globe. Witness the stories of sacrifice, love, and the unique bond between mothers and their young. Prepare to be captivated by the power and wisdom of these untold heroines of the animal kingdom.


X-Men ‘97

Now Streaming






Get ready for a blast from the past! Marvel's all-new animated series, X-Men '97, takes you back to the iconic era of the 1990s. Join Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Wolverine as they use their extraordinary powers to fight for a world that fears and hates them. But this time, the X-Men face new challenges and an unexpected future that will test their limits.


Renegade Nell

Now Streaming


Nell Jackson is a clever and brave young woman wrongly accused of murder. Forced to flee, she finds herself living on the fringes of society with her two sisters. Along the way, she encounters Billy Blind, a spirited young man who becomes her unlikely companion. Together, they navigate the dangers of a war-torn Europe, searching for a way to clear Nell's name and uncover the truth.


Blood Free

Now Streaming


Blood Free explores a future where people eat only lab-grown meat. While this advancement seems positive, doubts emerge about its ethical implications. Yoon Ja-yoo (Han Hyo-joo) is the CEO of BF Group, the company controlling the cultured meat market. She faces pressure from supporters and critics as she navigates the complex world created by her company. Meanwhile, Woo Chae-woon (Ju Ji-hoon), a former military man haunted by his past, becomes her bodyguard as he pursues a connection to a terrorist attack. Catch this gripping 10-episode thriller for a suspenseful exploration of scientific advancements and the darkness lurking beneath the surface.

Step Right Into the World of Disney+

Are you ready to get hooked on new shows and old classics with Disney+? Make your movie nights more special with thousands of choices, from action-packed films to family comedies.


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