The Sweetest #MrIncredible Dedications from Father’s Day with Globe At Home

The Incredibles 2 premiere was a cause for all sorts of family celebrations 

It’s decided: Incredibles 2 is the best family movie of 2018.

Over the premiere weekend of Disney Pixar’s latest animated film, audiences of all ages flocked to cinemas to catch the return of Bob and Helen Parr, and their kids Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, most famously known of course as the beloved superhero family, the Incredibles. It wasn’t just a comeback 14 years in the making; it was the perfect way to celebrate all the Mr. Incredibles in the lives of every Disney fan.

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This year’s incredible Father’s Day meant Globe At Home and DisneyLife pulling out all the stops for movie fans: They put together an exclusive movie screening with fun games and goodies, treated one family to movie tickets and a hotel staycation and gave away exciting prizes to contestants of Globe At Home’s #MrIncredible promo. All Disney lovers had to do was show their super dads some love using the #GlobeDisneyLife, #GlobeAtHome and #MrIncredible hashtags.


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“Meet my #MrIncredible. For as long as I can remember, people have been telling me that I am the carbon copy of my dad,” radio host Tin Gamboa wrote in her #MrIncredible Instagram post. “As a child, I found it insulting—NO, TITA, I’M NOT A BOY AND I DON’T HAVE A MUSTACHE???? But as I got older, I realized that it was the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me. My papa is so pogi! I mean COME ON look at those dimples! And the older I got, the more like him I became. I started craving the weird malabo food combinations he likes (adobo + monggo + escabeche, kami lang ata kumakain non, plus pickle juice in my burger + kanin, don’t even ask I know it sounds gross but promise ang sarap), and I even started doing the exact same things he’s doing - tv, and radio. When I was a kid, my dad would always tell me “Tin, we’re not rich. We’re just famous.” And I would nod like, yup that’s true, we are stars. And I really believed it because he would call me every day after school and make me talk to his best friends - Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy! I realized later on it was just him changing his voice but imagine the thrill of a 5 year old thinking they were actually on the phone! My dad is the best. Fellow daddy’s girls will fight me on this BUT I WILL STAND MY GROUND, my dad is the best dad in the world.”

Many others joined in to write heartwarming dedications to their super dads. Check them out and scroll through the roundup of the sweetest #MrIncredible dedications on Twitter and Instagram.

#1: Janina Vela


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It’s never too late to share your #MrIncredible story, so give your super dad a shout-out today!

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Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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