Then And Now: Where Are The Kid Actors from FRIENDS?


Starring on FRIENDS was only the beginning


When FRIENDS first came into the picture, it did better than anyone ever expected. Ten years on air is no joke and there’s no denying that the show helped propel the careers of Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. But while their characters will live on forever in entertainment history, we’re not going to forget the child actors that grew up on set either. 


Cole Sprouse as Ben Geller (seasons 6 – 8)

Here’s a man that needs no introduction whatsoever. After his stint on FRIENDS, Cole Sprouse joined forces with his brother Dylan and starred on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. After the show finished in 2008, Cole took some time away from the cameras and made a glorious comeback as Jughead on Riverdale.


Image taken from Instagram/ColeSprouse


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Fun fact: Ben as a baby was first played by Michael Gunderson and then as a toddler by twins Charles Thomas Allen and John Christopher Allen.


Callie and Noelle Sheldon as Emma Geller-Green

The FRIENDS audience didn’t get much of a chance to watch Emma grow up on set, but the reality is that actresses Callie and Noelle Sheldon did have some screen time even after the sitcom closed shop. The twins had shorts on Rougarou, Maxwell, Agorable, Winner, Life and Novel Romance.


Image taken from IMDB


Dakota Fanning as Mackenzie

Her name is familiar to generations the world over, but Dakota Fanning once humbly played the role of Mackenzie, the young girl who lived in the house that Monica and Chandler eventually bought. And let’s not forget the pieces of wisdom that she gave Joey. Dakota has since beefed up her resume with appearances on I Am Sam, Uptown Girls, The Cat In The Hat and The Twilight Saga.


Image taken from Instagram/DakotaFanning


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Emily Osment as Lelani Mayolanofavich

On FRIENDS, a young Emily Osment appeared as an adorable trick-or-treater whom Rachel gave a check to (written out to cash, of course) since there was no more candy to be given away. After that quick stint, Emily appeared as Lilly Truscott on Hannan Montana.


Image taken from Instagram/EmilyOsment


Daryl Sabara as Owen

It’s usually difficult for someone to find out that they’re adopted, especially if it comes from a virtual stranger. So when Chandler spilled the beans to Daryl Sabara’s Owen, he gave the performance of a lifetime. And the actor followed that up with a role on Spy Kids—and is now engaged to Meghan Trainor.


Image taken from Instagram/DarylSabara


Mae Whitman as Sarah Tuttle

For years, fans and non-fans have debated about the goodness of Ross Geller. But in one episode starring Mae Whitman, Ross proved that he is more good than bad by bringing the space camp experience to one little girl. Where else have we seen Mae? The DUFF, of course!


Image taken from Instagram/MaeWhitman


Kyla Pratt as Charla Nichols

In that same episode, Ross had a little spat with one of Sarah’s co-Brown Bird, Charla Nichols. That spunky kid, who taught Ross a few new words, was played by Kyla Pratt, also known as the voice of Penny Proud in The Proud Family


Image taken from Instagram/MaeWhitman


Funny how time flies, huh?


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