A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Kuwaresma

Inside the horror movie of the year

Industry veteran Erik Matti (On the Job, Honor Thy Father and BuyBust) let it all hang out on the premiere night of Kuwaresma. “We wanted a fun ride for the audience,” the award-winning director said about the film now being hailed as the most terrifying horror movie of the year. “We wanted to make a movie that would have everyone enjoy inside the theatres.”

Matti, who brought this story to life with Reality Entertainment and Globe Studios was true to his word, and took viewers on an intense, jump-scare-filled ride and an audacious foray into the horror genre. On May 15, the general public is invited to experience this for themselves, too…if they dare.

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The hype surrounding the film also points to its powerhouse cast, top-billed by Heneral Luna actor John Arcilla and the country’s mega star Sharon Cuneta. For the legendary actress, this would mean a new career milestone. Kuwaresma is her first ever horror film given her 57 movies under her belt and 40 years in the industry. To add to the movie’s gripping unpredictability is its message: the lengths a mother would go to for the love of her children.

“Mothers are not black and white. They balance everything within the family,” said Matti on Instagram. “We may not always agree with all that they do but believe that they always try to do things for the good of the family.” In this different kind of Mother’s Day tribute, Cuneta was perfect for the part.

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Cuneta wasn’t the only one who took on a physically, emotionally and mentally demanding role in the Matti project; her partner in the film, did as well. As for the conflicted character and severely twisted mind of Arturo Fajardo, it's a role that only someone like John Arcilla could do true justice to.

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Susubukin ng kadiliman ang tatag ng pamilyang ito: Kuwaresma starring Sharon Cuneta and John Arcilla premieres on May 15, Wednesday, in 200 cinemas nationwide. Running time is at one hour and 53 minutes and moviegoers have two viewing options to choose from: the director’s cut and the R-13 version.

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