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The story of David and Goliath is a classic, and it has been retold time and time again. It’s the story of a big player that tries to smash the smaller parties in an attempt to gain fame and power. We know how that story ends, but Newsies puts a lot more heart into the tale.


Newsies is a stage play about a group of men, each of who sell newspapers for a living. Their world is then turned upside down when a big publishing company, New York World, makes a major play. 


Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly is the main protagonist of the story. He’s the one that inspires all the newspaper boys to rally against New York World, which increases the prices on newspapers and virtually makes it too expensive for them to make a living. 


Jack will be portrayed by Gian Magdangal in the Globe Live x 9Works Theatrical’s production.





Crutchie is the friend of Jack, who got his nickname because he uses a crutch. During the rally, he is beaten, apprehended and taken to the Refuge. His capture makes Jack think that the entire protest was a failure and even causes him to reconsider the relevance of the whole thing.


Crutchie will be played by Luis Marcelo.




Davey and Les

Jack and Crutchie make friends with brothers Davey and Les in the early parts of the play. Unlike the rest of the newsies, who are mostly orphaned or homeless, Davey and Les sell newspapers because a work accident left their father unemployed. It is Davey’s words that push the newsies to join Jack’s cause.


Davey will be portrayed by Jef Flores. Meanwhile, Les will be played by Daniel Drillon and Tory Cortez. 




Medda Larkin 

Sometimes, Jack paints backdrops for a theatre that is owned by his friend Medda Larkin. The boys often seek refuge away from the streets and the authorities in the theatre. 


Medda Larkin is portrayed by Pinky Marquez.




Katherine Plumber

Jack finds himself attracted to a woman named Katherine Plumber, whose report on the Newsies' rally made front page news. She also harbors a dark secret from Jack and the rest of the boys, which is revealed at the height of the play.


Katherine Plumber will be portrayed by  Danielle Chopin.




Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer is the publisher of New York World and is the reason why the cost of the newspapers have increased significantly. He offers Jack a deal with his publication to stop the rally.


Joseph will be portrayed by Greg Dulcie.





Snyder is the warden of the Refuge, which is a juvenile detention center. In the latter half of Newsies, he reveals something very telling about Jack’s past of rebellion and illegal activity. 


Franz Imperial will play the role of Synder.




The Newsies

Of course, the entire ensemble is made mostly of newsies, which is the term used for newspaper boys. Together, they ban together to bring down the bigger player that is trying to get them out of their livelihood. The entire play is their story. 


Alex Diaz


Ian Ocampo


Ronelson Yadao



Erick Arenas


Jourdan Bartolome


Dougz Grantos


MC Dela Cruz


Jan Mayo


Jim Ferrer


Kendrick Ibasco 


Chesko Rodriguez


Stephen Viñas


Vyen Villanueva


Anton Posadas


Clark dela Riva


Jon Abella





Supporting Characters


Ariel Reonal

as Wiesel


Raymund Concepcion

as Roosevelt


Joni Galeste

as the Bowery Beauty


Melissa Bell

as Hannah




Click here for updates on Globe Live and 9Works Theatrical's production of Newsies. The stage opens in July at the Globe Iconic Store BHS Amphitheater. 



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