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📺 6 Streaming Sites for your GoWATCH Prepaid Promo - go!

6 Streaming Sites You Can Enjoy with Globe's GoWatch Prepaid Promo

Prepaid users caught by the streaming bug can rejoice

In the era of smartphone entertainment and long commutes, it has become common for Filipinos to binge TV series or movies on the go. All it takes is a quick app download, signing up for an account and anyone can instantly get thousands upon thousands of titles at their fingertips. Well, streaming just got better: Globe is now making it possible for Prepaid users to enjoy their favorite shows with additional data for videos through GoWATCH! Read on to learn everything about this handy dandy promo every entertainment buff should subscribe to:

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First Things First: What Is GoWATCH?

GoWATCH is Globe’s new promo platform for video streaming on mobile devices. For Globe Prepaid users, you can get an additional 2GB of data just for your favorite video streaming apps when you register to specific promos. GoWATCH is your personal theater—right at your fingertips.

What Promos Are Eligible for GoWATCH?

GoWATCH is available to subscribers who sign up for any of the following promos:

  • GoSURF50

  • GoSURF299

  • GoSURF599

  • GoSURF999

  • GoSAKTO70

  • GoSAKTO90

  • GoSAKTO120

  • GoSAKTO140

Visit our Globe Prepaid page for more details on how to register.

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Which Streaming Sites are Included in the GoWATCH Prepaid Promo? 


With many local and international celebrities as well as internet personalities creating channels for either untemplated or curated content, YouTube has become the must-have app in any entertainment-bingeing arsenal. Plus, you can also subscribe to your favorite artists for music video releases, production houses for movie trailers or entertainment hosts for clips of their shows.


When Netflix came to the Philippines in 2016, excited first-time users of the popular video streaming service rejoiced. Even though its full American catalog isn’t available in the country, the streaming giant still offers the complete set of Netflix original shows and classic movies that you can watch anytime.  Even more exciting, Netflix now includes local titles, too.


The Singaporean streaming service HOOQ isn’t too far off in providing entertaining titles for their viewers on top of original shows. What’s more, it usually features titles that aren’t on Netflix, so it’s a great app that can complement your other streaming services.

Cartoon Network

If you have kids at home (or perhaps, you’re just a kid at heart), then you’ll appreciate the inclusion of Cartoon Network on the GoWATCH features list. (There are some days when you just want to binge on feel-good titles such as Adventure Time or Steven Universe.) Go ahead and join your kids as they watch the extensive family-friendly titles available on the Cartoon Network app.


Much like with Cartoon Network, DisneyLife offers popular television shows and movies for children, tweens and teens. This isn’t just limited to shows typically featured on the Disney channel, though. Marvel movies, the Star Wars saga and Pixar films are also available on the DisneyLife lineup. Great for family viewing moments on the go or spending downtime on vacation.


For Prepaid users who love sports—especially basketball—the NBA app is also included in Globe’s GoWATCH promo. Now, even when you’re stuck on the road or you’re not home yet to catch your favorite games, it’s possible to stream everything on your phone. You can also watch replays of playoffs so you can keep coming back to your favorite moments in the game.

Get ready to binge with GoWATCH! 2GB of data is a lot to last you as you binge-watch your favorite programs. You don’t have to worry about exceeding fees or losing your internet connection mid-show with the deals from Globe. It’s now easy to get more data—even if you’re a Prepaid user.

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