If You Haven’t Seen Working Beks, Here’s Why You Should

Meet the hilarious ensemble of John Lapus, TJ Trinidad, Joey Paras, Edgar Allan Guzman and Prince Stefan. 


Working Beks is a product of love from director Chris Martinez. It focuses on the lives of five – you guessed it – beks. The wonderful thing about it is that the characters are not necessarily what you’d expect. They aren’t all the flamboyant, happy-go-lucky gays we’ve learned to expect from Pinoy comedies. But at the same time, the film is not completely heart wrenching either.


Tommy as the up-and-coming marketing exec

TJ Trinidad’s Tommy seems to have it all. He has a loving boyfriend, a good family and a great job. But his career takes a turn for the worst when he finds out that his firm merely tolerates his sexual preference and does not necessarily accept it. This becomes painfully evident when he tries to go for a promotion. 


Gorgeous as the underappreciated money maker

John Laput’s Gorgeous is seen giving money to his family members with a stern look on his face. “Baka pati utang ng Pilipinas ‘nay, gusto niyo ipagbayad sa ‘kin,” he says. He’s clearly fed up and tired of his life, but the return of his adulterous father makes everything more difficult and intolerable. 



Jet as the party boy with regrets

Meanwhile, Prince Stefan’s Jet is dealing with the consequences of his party boy ways. His life takes a downward spiral when he finds out that he could have contacted HIV from one of his (many) previous partners.


Mandy as the in-denial groom

Coming to terms with your sexuality, when it isn’t considered normal in society, is a struggle for anyone. And when you have a bride waiting for you at the altar, it becomes even more complicated. Joey Paras’ Mandy is seen slapping himself with a rubber band every time he has “incorrect” thoughts, but he eventually gives in on the night before his wedding.


Champ as the scandalous actor

Speaking of coming out, Edgar Allan Guzman’s Champ has to choose whether or not to come clean to the public, as he faces the backlash of a viral video that unintentionally outed him. In a pivotal moment of the film, he’s asked what he wants to admit as he sits next to his ka-love team.



The different stories of these relatable characters – whether you’re straight or not – will pull on your heartstrings. At the same time, you’ll be laughing at the quick wit and well intended Pinoy humor. Catch Working Beks on HOOQ


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