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A Guide to IKEA Philippines MOA: Showroom and Shopping Tips
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Survival Guide to IKEA Philippines (Showroom & Shopping Tips)

How to make the most out of your first IKEA experience

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When it comes to stylish but affordable furniture, no other name has greater recall than IKEA. It’s no wonder, then, that its Manila opening was met with fanfare, as people looking for ways to spruce up their spaces now have a budget-friendly go-to that houses aesthetically-pleasing fixtures and furnishings all under one massive roof.

If you yourself are planning to visit the first and only (so far, anyway) store in the country for the very first time, the guide ahead should come in handy. Scroll through to find out everything you need to know about IKEA Philippines.

IKEA Philippines
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The Ikea Showroom: Inspiration Meets Shopping 

When you visit IKEA at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, you'll find an inspiring 65,000 square meter showroom with stylish and affordable Swedish furniture in real room setups. This helps you visualize how IKEA's furniture looks in different settings for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

As you explore the showroom, you'll discover creative ideas for decorating your home, whether it's revamping your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The showroom helps you see how IKEA products can enhance your living spaces.

The best part? You have the option to skip the showroom and head straight to the Market Hall–an area right below the showroom that sells large and small home accessories–if you already know what you want. But if you're seeking inspiration, the showroom is a must-visit before you shop.

Welcome to IKEA Philippines: Shopping Dos and Don’ts

Open to patrons since November 25, 2021, IKEA Philippines offers a wide range of chic yet inexpensive Swedish furniture. The international brand has over 450 locations in 60 countries, but it’s worth noting that IKEA in Pasay City’s Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, which spans 65,000 square meters, is the company’s biggest store in the world today. To help you make the most of your shopping experience, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Do: Check out the online store before your visit

IKEA has made its entire catalog available on its website, which means it’s ideal to start by building a wishlist there. Check out IKEA's online store for a detailed look at all their products. You can also find here the availability of the items, which means double-checking online will save you time and effort.

Here’s a pro tip while canvassing online: Make sure to redeem your Globe Rewards points via the GlobeOne app. If you’re making your wishlist on the go, doing so will help you save on data; this gives you access to exclusive offers, too.

Don’t: Head to the store on an empty stomach

IKEA Pasay City is massive; the store’s queues are often long, too. Be sure to eat something before heading over there.

While the shop does have its famous Swedish restaurant, scheduling a separate day for dining might be a smarter move. (The typical waiting time at the restaurant is two and a half hours.) Unless you have an entire day to spend waiting and shopping, you’ll likely find yourself out of luck if you want to do both on the same day.

Do: Take pictures of products for inspiration

IKEA’s shopping experience is structured around showrooms situated in between divisions. This helps you ideate what you want for your space at home. Since the things available for viewing in each showroom are dispersed across multiple parts of the store, it can be helpful to snap photos of the products you’re interested in to quickly track and find them as you move through the store.

Don’t: Throw away your receipts

Apart from keeping track of your expenses, your receipts are also important for when you suddenly change your mind and decide you want to exchange your IKEA products. In case you make a wrong purchase or see a defect, you’ll be happy to know that you have 365 days to replace or return it.

Do: Check the tag

When shopping at IKEA, remember to look at the tag. Bulky products are marked with yellow tags, which means you must ask a staff member for assistance. Conversely, red tags indicate things that should be picked up in the Market Hall or the third-floor Self-Serve Furniture Area. Be sure to take a snapshot of the tag, which you might need when retrieving the product.

Don’t: Forget to take measurements beforehand

Spend some time measuring your home before your visit. You’ll of course need to know whether the products you desire will fit in your available space. Make a comprehensive note of dimensions and snap images, so you’ll have a much easier time estimating space.

Do: Bring cash

In case of a digital payment malfunction, having cash on-hand will be in your best interest. Given that unexpected problems (payment terminal breakdowns or declined credit cards) may happen during checkout, paying with cash ought to help you check out swiftly.

Alternatively, prepare credit cards from multiple banks, ensuring that one is VISA and the other is a MasterCard.

Don’t: Miss the Circular Hub for sustainable and budget-friendly finds

IKEA’s brand objective is to become a circular merchant by 2030. The Circular Hub, situated on the third level, is one method they're achieving this. This is where you may locate outdated items that were either on the show before or have been withdrawn, allowing you to purchase more responsibly. A bonus is that the items in this location are less expensive, too!

FAQs and More

How does one get to IKEA Philippines?

If you’re commuting, you can get to IKEA by going to any MRT station and getting out at Taft Station. Afterward, take a jeepney or a bus to the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) and search for MOA Square after arriving at the mall.

If you’re planning to go by car, the fastest route to take would be EDSA. Take the southbound lane (to Pasay) and it’s a straightforward trip until you see the iconic Mall of Asia Globe. Once you’ve arrived, circle around the rotunda and take the exit going towards the Mall of Asia Arena. The store is located in between MOA arena and the SMX convention so you can just park at surrounding buildings connected to the Mall of Asia Complex.

In case you don’t wish to pass through EDSA, you can always input IKEA MOA at Waze to find the best route from your area.

What are the operating hours of the store?

The IKEA store is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The Swedish Restaurant at Level 4 is available from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm, while the Swedish Bistro at Level 2 is open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.

How do I avail of an IKEA Philippines Membership?

When registering with IKEA Philippines, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid Philippine mobile phone number.

Do I need to book a visit, or can I just walk in?

Prior to 2022, IKEA put a “no IKEA online booking, no shopping” policy in place. This has, however, been put on hold. It is no longer necessary to make a reservation if you are fully vaccinated.

How long is the waiting time?

While you may have previously needed an appointment to get into IKEA during the pandemic, there's no longer any need to book a slot to enter the space since 2022. Walk-ins are now allowed with no waiting time.

Are children allowed in IKEA Philippines?

There are no age restrictions for visiting IKEA. In fact, you and your family can enjoy exploring the showroom and trying out the furniture in these apartment-like spaces. Visit the kids' rooms so your children can experience and play with plenty of colorful products that furnish the area.

There's also a free play area called Smäland, where kids (between the height of 100cm to 130cm) can play for an hour with ball pools, coloring, and enjoy IKEA children's toys.

IKEA's Swedish restaurant also serves kids' meals and provides high chairs so your babies can dine with you securely and comfortably. You'll find a baby care room located near the restaurant for you and your little ones.

Maximize your IKEA Shopping Experience

Shopping at IKEA can be very exciting, but visiting for the first time can get overwhelming. Given the store’s size and the sheer number of products, keeping these dos and don’ts in mind will help you make the most out of your experience at IKEA Pasay City.

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