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How to Convert Globe Rewards Points to GCash - go!
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How to Convert Globe Rewards Points to GCash

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Are you making the most out of your Globe Prepaid or Postpaid plans? Globe treats users to a slew of special discounts and exclusive goodies, and it would be a waste not to take advantage of them!

ICYMI, you can claim your rewards through the Globe Rewards app and redeem them on the GCash app. Yes, thanks to the recent update, Globe Rewards now allows you to use your redeemable points to buy load, pay bills, send and receive money and enjoy the many benefits of GCash.

Read on to learn more.

Globe Rewards to GCash Promo: What You Need to Know

What is Globe Rewards?

Globe Rewards grants you special prizes and exclusive offers for your continued patronage of Globe products and services. Every time you avail of any Globe promos and services, you receive points that you can use to redeem these prizes and other benefits in its rewards catalog. 

What is the Globe Rewards points to GCash promo about? 

The rewards program allows you to convert and redeem your unused Globe Rewards points to your GCash account, letting you turn your unused points into an opportunity for extra cash. Keep in mind, however, that the redemption limit is only 5 times a day per person. 

How much can be converted? 

You can convert as many points as you want into GCash credit. The conversion rate is set at a 1:1 ratio. For example, 20 points will be equivalent to ₱20. You can use this like regular currency to pay for items or bills. 

You can also send this money to other people through the app or to a select bank. For those with a GCash Mastercard, the amount can also be withdrawn when the minimum amount is met. 

What’s the promo duration? 

The offer will run until December 31, 2021. This is open to all Globe customers so long as they have enough points to redeem. You must also have a verified GCash account to receive the number of credits. 

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How to Convert Globe Rewards to GCash

1. Download the Globe Rewards App 

To keep track of your points and have an easy way of converting them to your GCash app, install the Globe Rewards App for free from either the PlayStore, Apple Store or Huawei App Gallery. After installing, open the app and register with your active Globe number. 

2. Tap the GCash banner

Once registered, open the Globe Rewards app and search for the GCash banner. Next, connect and sync your Globe Rewards app and GCash account. Once synced, type the keyword “GCash” on the search bar and select any available options on the screen.

3. Select an amount to convert and redeem

The indicated options on the Globe Rewards App will display ₱10, ₱20 and ₱30 values for GCash credits that you can claim. Select your preferred amount and use your points to redeem the credits before the end of the promo duration.

4. Receive a text from 4438

Once you have selected the number of credits you want to redeem, wait for a text message that will confirm your transaction. If the transactions fail, close and open the application again to try again. Keep in mind that the app will automatically reject all further transactions until the next day if you have reached the maximum amount of daily redemptions.

5. Receive GCash

It takes up to 3 days for your credits to be updated on your GCash app, with a maximum of ₱150 each time. If the given time has already passed and you have not received your credits, contact a representative through the Globe customer service channels.

6. Use your GCash for any service on the GCash app

Once your credits have successfully reflected onto your account, you may now use this balance to buy or avail of the services on the GCash app. Make the most of your rewards points by using it to buy load, GCash insurance and mobile data.

7. Enjoy!

You can use your credits to pay for your bills, online shopping and send cash to other users or through remittance centers. You can even use it to get discounts on food deliveries, gaming pins, groceries and many other regular promos. 

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Service through Convenience 

Earn rewards and enjoy the many perks of Globe apps and services. The more you use the apps, the more rewards you can start redeeming. Sign up for a Globe Postpaid GPlan or register for a prepaid promo to earn rewards today.

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