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These Studios Are Offering Online Classes To Keep Your Fitness In Check

Ready, get set, sweat

As we usher in week four of the enhanced community quarantine, it seems all of us cooped up at home have found a cozy spot along the couch-potato-to-super-fit spectrum. If you’ve spent the past few days (or the past month because, yes, it has been that long) taking naps and digging a little too deep into your stash of quarantine snacks, then consider giving the other side of the coin a shot. If you’re inclined to give exercise a chance, our favorite gyms from all across the Metro have you covered. Since the bike room, the yoga studio and the dance floor are crossed until further notice, they’re bringing the workout to you—for fun, for free or for a cause.

Up ahead, discover some of the fitness studios offering online classes to keep you fit all lockdown long.

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Ride Revolution

Picking up pointers from indoor cycling studios abroad, Ride Revolution is ditching the bike room (for now!) and bringing the workouts home. For the spin class loyalists, the studio is offering unlimited online classes to anyone with a stationary bike at home for P2,500/month. Classes—to be taught by the Ride Rev crowd's favorite instructors twice every day—include all the good, ache-inducing stuff that come with any signature session: weights, sprints and lots of calorie burn.

While indoor cycling requires a fee, Ride Revolution still gives their riders and Instagram followers the option to clock in their workouts for free. Check out their Instagram posts and stories for strength and cardio routines, or take to their IGTV for five-minute weight tracks.

Electric Studio

The cycling continues over at Electric Studio, where bikes are available for 28-day rentals. For P20,000/month (that's P715/day!), the studio delivers a bike, cycling shoes and a pair of weights to your home. Naturally, it doesn't stop there: the subscription also comes with unlimited classes hosted on Zoom until May 18th.

In case you don't have the means, space or commitment to commit to close to a month of indoor cycling, keep an eye on Electric Studio's Instagram account for IGTV workouts and takeovers.

Saddle Row

While Saddle Row is arguably best known for their cycling and rowing classes, there's another offering on the menu. Introducing Realign, a diverse program that focuses on harnessing holistic strength and well-being through various workouts. From yoga and cardio to strength and toning, these Realign classes are what make up Saddle Row's Saddle Strong Sessions. Priced at P3500/10 classes, 100% of the proceeds from select sessions will be donated to Pilipinas in Action for the benefit of underprivileged families and medical frontliners.

Ultra Lagree

Parking the state-of-the-art MegaFormers until further notice, the folks over at Ultra Lagree are sending reinforcements in the form of live Zoom classes and circuit challenges housed on their Instagram account. Don't forget to turn on post notifications—fresh (and free!) workouts come in every few days.


Doing their part in easing our cabin fever and ensuring we stay safe at home, Barre3 is extending access to their library of home workouts. Discover 10, 30 and 45-minute-long videos that cover cardio, endurance and strength conditioning, among others, for a 15-day window. Head on over to Barre3 Philippines' Instagram account for the link and redemption code or get a glimpse into the workouts on their IGTV channel.

Rebel Yoga

If you're still bummed that you can't head out to practice yoga in the studio, don't fret: Rebel Yoga is bringing the strength-harnessing, heart-opening classes directly to you. Check out their YouTube channel, Rebel Yoga TV, where they've begun sharing a variety of home-friendly routines.

Habitat Crossfit

Here's one for the Crossfit buffs. In an effort to protect our medical frontliners, Habitat Crossfit is launching HCF Homecon Plus, a comprehensive workout that can be performed from the comfort of home. Complete with warm-ups, cool-downs, video demonstrations, online coaching and community access, subscription costs only P300/week.

Nude Floor

Giving us all the reason we need to shake off our worries and break out into dance right at home, Nude Floor proves that you can make a dance floor out of any place. For only P800, enjoy access to 15 online dance classes taught by in-house instructors and guest teachers from Australia. Swipe through the post below and follow Nude Floor on Instagram for details, schedules and guidelines.

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With unlimited hours spent at home, there's no better time to get the ball rolling. Which fitness programs and live classes are you looking to catch this week?

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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