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GCash Features to Use in the New Normal - go!

GCash Features to Use in the New Normal

Giving a new meaning to running errands (because yes, you get to do it all while safe at home)

Some of the new rules of living through a pandemic include social distancing, no-contact transactions and handwashing—still a lot of handwashing. A mask must be worn at all times. Social gatherings are a no-no, too. At this point, no amount of effort is too small and the cooperation of each individual is not only appreciated but necessary.

To stay on the safe side, consider this a general rule for the GCQ: If you can afford to stay put, stay put. This means there’s no better time than now to tap into the ways and means to accomplish your errands without leaving the house. This is where apps like GCash can come in. 

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Skip the lines, take social distancing to a whole other level and stay safe at home with GCash. Just cash-in through the many convenient methods available and you’re set to get those errands done with just this one app. With the new normal in mind, here are some of the features you should look into:

Sending Money

As the most basic feature available, sending money is a function that almost goes without saying (GCash is, after all, the country’s leading e-wallet). But sending money from one GCash user to another has proven extra useful during the pandemic, where transactions with local businesses and independent entrepreneurs are now smoother, faster and easier. This covers everything from buying produce, getting supplies in bulk and ordering in.

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Paying Bills

Eliminate the need to head to different payment centers to settle your bills. With GCash, you can find Water, Electricity, Cable & Internet, Telecoms, Insurance, Healthcare and more on a single dashboard and complete your payments within minutes.

Just select “Pay Bills” on the main dashboard, tap on your desired biller category and scroll to find the company you need to pay. Key in all the necessary details like the account number, account name, due date and amount and then confirm your transaction.

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Depositing Money

GCash also brings your bank days to you at home, which means you get to skip the lines, paperwork and waiting time for transactions. Here, you have over 30 banks nationwide at your fingertips that you can instantly transfer or deposit to.

Simply tap “Bank Transfer” on the dashboard, then select the partner bank of your choice. Enter the amount you wish to send, the account number and account name and then confirm your transaction. For the full list of available banks, tap here.

Shopping Online

"Pay Direct" is another GCash feature that makes shopping online much easier—no need for a debit card, credit card or PayPal account. All you need is your GCash-registered mobile number and you can shop on sites like Lazada, National Bookstore, Sephora, ZALORA and Shopee just to name a few.

You’re free to also explore other online payment options on GCash by signing up for a GCash MasterCard or American Express Virtual Pay. To learn more, tap here.


Given the current events, most, if not all, plans in 2020 have had to be put on hold—financial goals, thankfully, don’t have to be included. So if this year, your goals include making your first investment, consider getting started on GCash. It comes with its own investment marketplace feature that allows you to look into a number of funds and invest as low as P50 (the lowest minimum investment amount available).

To get started, tap “Invest Money” on the dashboard, then click “View Investment Products.” Select your desired Investment Product and be sure to review the complete details. Tap “Subscribe,” then enter the amount you’d like to invest. Agree to the Terms and Service, then tap “Confirm.”

Growing Your Savings 

Beyond offering e-wallet and bank transfer services, GCash offers users the option to set aside money, and grow this over time with a generous 3.1% interest rate.

Powered by CIMB Bank Philippines, this fully digital savings only requires users one government-acknowledged ID to get started. Signup takes a matter of minutes. Confirmation takes at least two hours. No minimum deposit and no maintaining balance in place for your convenience.

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With the GCash app, experience fast and secure mobile payments! Get started by creating your account.

The GCash app is available for download through the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android

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