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How to Get a Globe Postpaid Plan: Everything You Need to Know - go!

How to Get a Globe Postpaid Plan: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s how you can take your mobile experience to the next level

In the digital era, it goes without saying that staying connected is a necessity. And it isn’t about having the latest smartphone or other cool gadgets. Covering the bases means getting a service provider that can satisfy all of your communication needs. Luckily, you can do that and take your mobile experience to the next level with a Globe Postpaid plan

This postpaid option comes with a ton of perks. You don’t need to memorize dozens of promo codes or register over and over again. In addition, you won’t ever have to worry about losing balance at unexpected times. You also have a bigger data allocation at your disposal, and all-net calls and texts come way cheaper. Other than being a convenient and practical option, a postpaid plan can give you all kinds of rewards and prizes, too.

So how can you get your hands on a Globe Postpaid plan? Check out the guide below for everything you need to know.

What are the factors considered when you apply for a Globe Postpaid plan?

Globe has tailored various postpaid packages for different requirements and payment capacities. Some plans are designed for heavy data usage while others are created to gain a better balance of calls, SMS and data. 

As you start researching for options, know that the package you will be offered depends on several factors. 

  • Income: While you will need to be employed for at least a year upon application, you don’t necessarily need to have a high salary to avail of a postpaid plan. You can get one that fits your income. Simply put, the higher your income, the better chances you have of getting approved for the more expensive plans.

  • Pricing: The price of a plan varies according to the services it offers. Postpaid plans with phones and packages that have higher service capacities are generally more expensive. To boost your approval chances, consider a plan that’s a level below your payment capacity.

  • A Good Payment Record: If you owned a previous plan with the same or a different provider, having a good payment record will work to your advantage. All telecommunication companies quickly approve of applicants who pay on time.

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What are the documents required?

You can register through the Globe shop, call the customer hotline or visit a Globe service center. Regardless of the application method, the required documents are the same. Here’s what you need to prepare.

  1. Proof of Identity: Globe will ask for valid IDs that contain your photo, name and signature (e.g., passport, company ID, driver’s license and other government-issued IDs). 

  2. Proof of Billing Address: To validate your billing address, your Globe representative will ask for the latest copy of your billing statements (e.g., utility bills, statement of account or notarized contract of lease).

  3. Proof of Income: To assess your capacity to pay, your Globe representative will require you to submit proof of your income (e.g., certificate of employment, Form 2316 or credit card bills).

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How do you apply for a Postpaid Plan?

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, applying for a postpaid plan becomes fast and easy: 

  • Step 1: Select a Postpaid Plan 

After considering your requirements and payment capacity, shortlist the postpaid plans of your choice, evaluate them and select one.

  • Step 2: Prepare Your Application Documents 

Prepare the documents mentioned above for a smooth and seamless transaction.

  • Step 3: Choose Your Application Method

Submit your application through the Globe Shop, visit a Globe Service Center near you or call the Globe hotline (for new or additional line applications, dial (02) 7730-1010. For plan renewal, dial (02) 7730-1000).

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Take steps towards the digital lifestyle you deserve. With the power of a Globe postpaid plan, staying connected with friends and being up-to-date with trends just got a whole lot easier. Visit the Globe Shop for more details on other exciting offers. 

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