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The Lowdown on LTE and WiFi: What Exactly is the Difference? - go!

The Lowdown on LTE and WiFi: What Exactly is the Difference?

We’re talking speed and range

Over the past few years, connection to the internet has turned into a necessity. With the world continuously shifting towards the digital space, people are given the power to stay in touch with their loved ones, get important news updates and accomplish various tasks—as long as they have access to the web.  

Thanks to innovations in communication technology, people now have two sources of data to choose from: LTE and WiFi. But, is LTE just the same as WiFi? What’s the difference? 

Although they share the function of letting you access the internet, they perform differently depending on several factors, such as your provider’s reliability, the coverage of your area and the capabilities of your device.

To gain the best digital lifestyle possible, having a reliable internet connection at home and acquiring a data-packed mobile promo is a must. To help you get the most out of your phone and broadband plans, we’ve prepared a guide discussing the key differences between LTE and WiFi. 

What is LTE?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a 4G wireless communication standard that’s designed to provide the fastest internet speeds for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Unlike 3G that uses microwaves, 4G utilizes radio waves, which allows better area coverage and penetration through surfaces. 

To gain access, you need to have a mobile device that can run LTE and a reliable service provider that can provide data coverage in your area. Luckily, most smartphones can run 4G. However, performance still depends on your device. If you’re planning to upgrade your phone, take some time to read reviews so you can get the most out of your hard-earned money.  

What is WiFi? 

WiFi is a networking protocol that provides internet connectivity within a fixed location. Similar to LTE, it also requires the services of a data provider, but its main difference is that it needs a router or another device that’s capable of wireless transmission. Once a router has been strategically set up at your home, it transmits data and sends out a signal for devices within its range. 

How Do They Differ?


LTE offers lightning-fast connection speed and is suited for dealing with high bandwidth applications on mobile devices. It can provide data transfer speeds between 100Mbps (100 megabits per second) to 1 Gbps (one gigabit per second). 

In the case of WiFi users, maximum and minimum speeds may vary depending on the acquired plan. However, today’s WiFi standard lies between 10 and 25 Mbps. 

Both options are incredibly capable sources of internet connectivity, but it’s also important to know that speed can be affected by multiple factors. Bad weather may mess up signals, device capability may hinder performance and network traffic may cause slow loading times. 


Since LTE is accessed through a mobile device, its range is virtually limitless. Whether you’re at home or in transit, you can surf the web at your convenience, as long as your provider covers the area you’re in. 

Meanwhile, WiFi only works within a fixed location, so its range is limited to the router’s capability. Even though connectivity is fixed, advanced routers can provide fast data connectivity by as much as 300 feet. As long as you’re within the network’s range, you can acquire a smooth and seamless browsing experience. 

Always Stay Connected

With the strengths and weaknesses of the two connectivity sources in mind, it’s safe to say that the best option will ultimately depend on your needs. 

If you’re spending most of your waking hours on the go, acquiring a mobile plan packed with LTE is a must. But, if you’re home-based, having a strong WiFi connection that covers your entire house will allow you to perform professional and personal tasks with ease. 

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