Mobile Legends Honors Lapu-lapu In Recent Update

The game just got a little more personal.  

In its most recent update, Mobile Legends added a new hero to its roster, one that all we Filipinos should recognize. Lapu-lapu, also dubbed The Great Chief, is a towering character with several interesting new features.

His story

Lapu-lapu’s background is reminiscent of our history. In Mobile Legends, he rules as chief of Makadan Island. When the island is invaded, Lapu-lapu refuses to surrender and have any of his people become anyone’s slave. Under his leadership, the people of Makadan were able to keep the enemy at bay and eventually even earned their respect.

And while peace was restored to his island, Lapu-lapu could not shake the idea that there was a world beyond Makadan that was full of possible enemies. As such, he packed his bags and began his journey to learn more about the world.

His weaponry

He wields twin blades, which can also be transformed into a heavy sword. As such, Lapu-lapu is considered to be both an assassin and a fighter.

His skills

Lapu-lapu receives a layer of Bravery Blessing every time that his skill hits an enemy hero. This allows his basic attack to produce extra damage for up to five times as much. Because of his type of weaponry, all his skills come in a light blade state or a heavy sword state.

The first skill, Brave Stance, casts two blades forward that damages enemies in the light blade state. In the heavy sword state, Lapu-lapu casts a giant flying wheel forward, which damages enemies and adds a slow effect as well.

Brave Stance is the second skill. In the light blades state, Lapu-lapu rapidly whirls dual blades to damage enemies. If an enemy is hit, then his speed is temporarily increased. However, in heavy sword state, a heavy sword is swirled and charged forward. If the skill causes damage, then Lapu-lapu’s physical and magic defense will increase.

The last skill is Chieftain’s Rage. In the light blades state, Lapu-lapu combines dual blades into a heavy sword and swings it forward. If the enemy is hit, they are left stunned for a few moments. Meanwhile, in the heavy sword state, the weapon is waved and surrounding enemies are damaged. 

Mobile Legends can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS users or on the Play Store for Android users.

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