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SurfAlert: Protect Your Prepaid Load From Unwanted Charges

How frustrating is it when you’re waiting for a video or image to load and you find out that you’re nearing your data limit? This has probably happened to you more than you want. After all, it can be difficult to keep track of your mobile data usage. Some people have even reported having their load stolen due to clicking on online advertisements or third-party service providers. 


Luckily, you can now avoid going over your data limits and protect your Globe load through SurfAlert.

What is SurfAlert?

Globe SurfAlert is a free service that helps you manage data usage by providing free text alerts and notifications whenever your device tries to connect to the internet when you’re not registered to a surf promo or have used up your data allowance. 


If you wish to continue browsing, you can enroll in a new surf promo through the notification itself by typing the number of your preferred surf promo in the box at the bottom of the screen, then pressing “SEND.” 

It also helps control your data usage through the following features:

Lets you know if a site can be browsed for free

When SurfAlert is activated, it can detect if sites can be browsed for free. If opening a page will incur data charges, it puts your browsing on hold and alerts you so you can decide to keep browsing or avail of a surf promo. This lets you avoid browsing sites or using apps that can eat up your load, allowing you to manage your data usage better.

Blocks activity from background apps

You may not know it, but some of the apps on your phone may be running in the background and connect to the internet automatically, using up your data allowance.


While your mobile data is active, SurfAlert can detect background activities that automatically connect online from apps on your device. SurfAlert then stops the connection and alerts you with a notification. You can then dismiss the app to control data usage and avoid unwanted charges to your plan or eat up your load.

Stops unexpected browsing charges

Unexpected browsing charges can easily eat up your Globe Prepaid load, leaving you unable to connect through mobile data when you need it. SurfAlert cuts down on these occurrences by temporarily halting your connection and providing you with the option to either continue browsing with additional charges or enroll in a new promo.


This prompt appears whenever any of the following situations occur:


  • You’ve used up your postpaid plan’s data allowance
  • Your Postpaid surf promo has expired
  • You’ve used up the data allowance of your current surf promo
  • You aren’t registered to a surf promo
  • You attempt to access a site or app that your current surf promo doesn’t cover
  • You don’t have enough load for surfing

How to Activate SurfAlert

Truly, SurfAlert can help you manage your data and avoid unwanted charges. All you need to do is activate it on your phone. Read on to learn how to protect your Globe load with SurfAlert.


For new and existing postpaid customers, they are automatically enrolled in the SurfAlert service starting January 2021.


For prepaid customers, you can activate SurfAlert by texting “SURFALERT ON” to 8080 with no charge.


To check if you already have SurfAlert active, text “SURFALERT CHECK” to 8080 for free.

Securing Your Net Surfing with SurfAlert

Now more than ever, people depend on their mobile data to stay connected, engage in online learning and get their work done. With SurfAlert, it becomes easier to control data usage and avoids using up your surf promos ahead of time. It also prevents any apps from connecting to the internet in the background without your permission, letting you save on extra charges.


Now you can use your mobile data without worrying about your Globe load!