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Prevent Unexpected Browsing Charges with SurfAlert


What is SurfAlert?

SurfAlert is a free service that protects you from unexpected browsing charges and ensures worry-free surfing for all Globe and TM customers.


It will momentarily put your browsing on hold when your mobile phone or device tries to connect to the internet under the conditions below and alerts you so you can decide whether or not to keep browsing or get a surf promo:

  • You've already used up your data allowance or your surf promo has expired
  • You're not registered to a surf promo
  • You try to access a site or app that isn't covered by your current surf promo


Effective August 6, 2021, all new and plan renewal Globe Postpaid customers will have the SurfAlert feature auto-enabled for their accounts to protect them from unexpected browsing charges.

How can I activate SurfAlert?

Effective August 6, 2021, SurfAlert is auto-enabled for all Globe Postpaid customers, for free.


For Globe Prepaid and TM customers, you can activate SurfAlert by simply texting SURFALERT ON to 8080. To check if it's already active, text SURFALERT CHECK to 8080 as well. This service is free of charge.

Can I still browse free sites while I’m on SurfAlert but not registered to a surf promo?

Absolutely! SurfAlert is a service that’s able to detect free sites and allows you to browse freely if the site or app you're visiting is free of charge.

Why am I not getting any notifications from SurfAlert when I’ve already turned it on?

SurfAlert is able to recognize the following conditions below and won't send you any notifications:


  • You're currently registered to a surf promo
  • You still have remaining data in your postpaid plan’s data allowance or any surf promo
  • You're not using the internet


When you don't receive any SurfAlert notifications, that only means you’ve met one of these conditions. To check your remaining data allocation or register to the latest promo offers, go to the GlobeOne app.

Why do I sometimes get SurfAlert notifications even if there’s no mobile data activity on my phone or tablet?

When your mobile data is left on active mode, SurfAlert works by detecting background activity from applications on your phone or tablet that may automatically connect online. SurfAlert then blocks these apps from going online and sends you a notification so you can put the app to sleep and avoid unnecessary browsing charges or deductions from your load.

Is SurfAlert available when I’m using data roaming promos?

Sorry, but SurfAlert is designed to cover only local data promos.

I'm a Globe Postpaid customer with active SurfAlert; will I still get charged with the P2/MB regular browsing rate if my data/promo allowance is used up?

You won't be charged the P2/MB regular browsing rate while SurfAlert is active on your postpaid account and you happen to run out of data while browsing. SurfAlert allows you to control unwanted data charges by temporarily stopping your browsing, sends you an alert so you can decide to stop and reminds you to get a data promo to be able to keep browsing.


Registering to data promos such as GoBOOST 199 for 5GB valid for 30 days or GoSURF50 for 2GB valid for 3 days, will allow you to browse at more affordable rates.

Why can't I put on hold or turn off my SurfAlert? Can I opt-out and use the regular rate instead?