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Ultimate Guide to Globe Rewards

Your Ultimate Guide to Globe Rewards

If you still aren’t sure which provider to choose, give Globe a try! Apart from providing reliable mobile connectivity, Globe also offers users exciting benefits through Globe Rewards. You also don’t have to worry about losing your number. You can shift to Globe while keeping your original contact details.


Ahead, you’ll find a rundown of what the GlobeOne app is all about and how you can make the most out of its perks.

Everything You Need to Know About Globe Rewards

Redeem your Globe Rewards easily with the GlobeOne app so you can enjoy perks instantly.

You automatically earn Rewards points if you’re a Globe subscriber and get points as long as you use Globe’s prepaid or postpaid services. Postpaid customers get points by paying their monthly subscription fees, while Prepaid users are awarded points every time they reload. Whether you use prepaid or postpaid, though, every ₱50 spent on Globe services grants you one Rewards point.


Once you gather enough of these points, you can exchange them for superb mobile promos and other awesome rewards like gas rebates and even GCash credits. You can also use your points to pay for products from Globe’s many partner stores, including AirAsia and Ayala Malls. If you’re curious about what kind of mobile promos you’ll get, there’s an organized cheat sheet for you, too.

Maximizing Your Rewards Points

With Globe’s extensive roster of partner stores, you can do a lot with your Rewards points. The number of things you can spend on is so vast that you can tailor your spending to your unique lifestyle.

  • Redeem data and call and text promos. You can subscribe to any of Globe’s unlimited surfing, streaming, and call or text promos using your Rewards points. To make things sweeter, the validity of the promos you can redeem is highly flexible.
  • Donate to causes. Support a cause you’re passionate about. Globe is working with NGOs that address various civic issues, so you’ll find a worthwhile cause to support. 
  • Travel to must-see destinations. Itching to get on a trip? You can pay for gas with your Rewards points.
  • Payment for partner establishments. With more than 3,000 partner establishments, you can use your points to pay for your purchases! Check the GlobeOne app for a list of available vouchers to see which suits your needs. 
  • Convert to GCash credits. Subscribers can convert Globe Rewards points to GCash at a 1:1 ratio. 20 points on Globe Rewards can be exchanged for ₱20 in real money, which you can use to shop or pay bills. This is just one way you can earn money using GCash!

Exploring Partner Establishments

Young Asian woman checks her mobile phone while out shopping..

Convert your Globe Rewards into digital vouchers and indulge in your favorite brands.

Where can you use your points? Here are just some of Globe’s partner stores you can consider:

  • Fashion and Clothing

    Get with the latest trends by using your Rewards points to buy clothes. The following stores accept Rewards points: Rustans, Marks & Spencer, The SM Store, Old Navy, and Shopee.

  • Dining

    Enjoy your favorite meals for free by using your Rewards points in some of the country’s most popular restaurants: Bonchon, Red Ribbon, The Moment Group, The Bistro Group, Mang Inasal, Chowking, and more!

  • Entertainment

    Indulge in weekend fun by spending time with your family and friends at your favorite malls. You can use your points at Ayala Malls to enjoy your dining experiences, retail therapy, and other entertainment options.

  • Travel and Leisure

    Fuel your wanderlust and ditch travel stress. Redeem your reward points for dream vacations! Use your Rewards points to make the most out of your travels with AirAsia, Travel Club, and Beep.

Managing and Redeeming Points

Get discounts, deals, and exclusive privileges with Globe Rewards!

You can redeem your points through the GlobeOne app in a few easy steps:

  1. Download the GlobeOne app and register your number.
  2. Head to the Rewards tab and select an offer.
  3. Click Redeem and wait for the confirmation via a text message from 4438 with the unique code.

Globe also gives you an update about your Rewards points balance every time you reload or use their service. However, the points you earn expire on March 31 of the following year, so make sure to use them before then!

Pay with Points at Partner Stores

Young Asian couple enjoying a romantic dinner at a restaurant.

Make the most of your Globe Rewards: Use your points as payment at partner restaurants.

You can use your Globe Rewards points as cash equivalents to pay for products and services at numerous partner stores via the GlobeOne app: 

  • Go to “Redeem Rewards” and select a voucher.
  • Review the details and tap “Redeem.” 
  • Tap "View Pocket” to see your voucher’s details. 
  • Tap the code to use your voucher.

Remember that before making any transactions, 1 point is equivalent to ₱1. You can also use your points to pay your Globe bill and even subscribe to your favorite streaming apps like Crunchyroll and HBO GO.

Unlocking More Ways to Earn Reward Points

You can boost your Globe Rewards points by participating in partner rewards programs. For example, you can transform your BPI Rewards points into Globe Rewards points, unlocking access to a variety of data, call, and text promos, as well as the option to shop and dine at over 100 partner merchants. Likewise, your AirAsia BIG points can also become Globe Rewards points, offering the flexibility to switch between enjoying Globe benefits and flying on bigger adventures. If you have any more concerns, please refer to Globe Rewards’ terms and conditions.

FAQs: A Guide to Your Globe Rewards

1. What types of points can I earn?

What are Globe Rewards? It’s a program that offers rewards, discounts, and special privileges to customers. It offers two types of points: Regular and Bonus. Regular points are earned through your monthly usage, including service fees and extra charges for Globe Postpaid, Platinum, and Globe At Home Postpaid customers, and through reloads and promo registrations for Prepaid and TM users. Bonus points are special offers that expire sooner.

2. Can I convert my Globe Rewards points into vouchers for non-Globe services?

Yes, you can convert your Globe Rewards points into digital vouchers from the GlobeOne app for a variety of non-Globe services. This digital voucher is an alphanumeric code that can be used as store credits to claim items at Globe’s partner stores.

3. What unique benefits do Globe Rewards Plus offer?

Globe Rewards+ is a premium membership program for prepaid users. This VIP program lets you enjoy unique benefits, free giveaways, and exclusive event access. You’ll also get access to Priority Care and have your concerns addressed with a faster turnaround time.

4. Are there discounts and special offers for Globe Rewards members?

Globe Rewards members can enjoy exclusive perks and treats from various partner establishments ranging from food to shopping, health, and more!

Have a G Day with Globe Rewards

Turn your frequent smartphone usage into something productive with Globe Rewards. The points you earn can give you exciting perks you never even thought were possible! Plus, you can now explore more freebies and exclusive discounts with the all-new Globe Rewards upgrades. Expect free vouchers and mystery box surprises, giving you more reasons to stay connected!


Download the GlobeOne app now to start enjoying your Rewards points!

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