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Globe Rewards Program

What is the Globe Rewards program?

Rewards Program is a loyalty program of Globe that grants rewards, discounts, and privileges to its customers in accordance to their value, tenure, and membership.

This is open to all Globe Prepaid, TM, Globe Postpaid, Platinum, Globe At Home Postpaid, Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe Business and Globe myBusiness under Corp. Individual accounts as well as Globe Load Retailer partners. 

The points earned and/or given through this program can be used to redeem vouchers for life essentials, food and shopping, health, gaming and entertainment, and so much more!

What are the different types of Globe Rewards points?

We have Regular Points and Bonus Points.

1. Regular Points

a. Active Globe Postpaid, Platinum and Globe At Home Postpaid customers can earn points based on their *total monthly usage charges which include their service fee, **excess usage charges, and content subscriptions outside their plan inclusion. Points are credited every 3rd week of the succeeding month (January bill = Feb points seeding). Administration fees and other charges such as gadget care and device fees are not eligible to earn points.

*Total monthly usage-  includes the monthly recurring fee (VAT exclusive) and the charges made on calls, texts, data and content usages (i.e. content subscriptions for Netflix, Disney+, etc). Administration fees and other charges such as the device’s cashout and gadget care are not included in the computation of points-earning. 
**Excess usage charges- These are for calls, texts, data that exceeded the monthly plan allocation.

b. Active For Globe Prepaid, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, TM, earn points are based on reload and promo registration on any participating denominations across all channels.
Points are credited to the Prepaid customer’s account within a few hours after the customer has successfully reloaded to their mobile.

c. For Home Prepaid WiFi customers can earn points by purchasing Home Prepaid WiFi promos

2. Bonus Points is a limited-time special offer to Globe Rewards customers. Points earned will expire early since these are given for free.

To view your points balance and validity period, visit the GlobeOne app.

How do I earn Globe Rewards points?

Prepaid -  ₱50 reload/promo registration = 1 Rewards point

Postpaid - Total Usage / ₱50 = 1 Rewards point

Globe AMAX Retailers

 CLOAD -  ₱200 = 1 Rewards point. CLOAD can be done via the GlobeOne app and AMAX web portal

Personal -  ₱50 = 1 Rewards point

To know more, visit Home Prepaid WiFi and Globe Load Retailers (AutoloadMax)

So just keep on using your Globe account/mobile number for more surprises and treats, exclusively for you!

How do I know if the load/promo/exclusive offers I purchased can earn me points?

You'll receive a text notification from 4438 that you have earned points from that transaction.

What can I redeem and how to redeem using my Globe Rewards points?

There are a lot of exciting rewards choices that you can enjoy in our Rewards catalog!

  1. Promos for data, call, and text for Globe Prepaid, TM and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers.
  2. Shopping, dining, entertainment, travel vouchers and more. Click here to know more about our partner merchants.
  3. Points as Cash for purchases on-ground events and purchases to accredited ECPAY retailers nationwide. To check the list, click here.
  4. Donate points to support causes from Hapag Movement, PAWS, PGH and more. To know more about our Donate campaigns, click here.
  5. Rewards Gifting for sharing or sending of rewards to your friends and loved ones!
  6. Starting April 1, 2022, Bill Rebate and Telco Rewards for Globe Postpaid and Platinum are no longer available.

Where can I use my points to redeem rewards?

  1. Visit the GlobeOne app and tap Redeem Rewards. No app yet? Just download the GlobeOne app via Google Play, App store or App Gallery
  2. Dial *143# and choose Globe Rewards

How many times can I transact in a day?

For Mobile (Globe Prepaid, TM, Postpaid, Platinum, SG, and EG) redemption transaction is allowed 10x transactions per week. For Broadband (Home Prepaid WiFi and Globe At Home) its 7x transactions per week.

I don't have the GlobeOne app, can I use *143# to redeem?

You can still use *143# to redeem, however, most of our updated and latest offers can only be redeemed via the app. If the offer you’re trying to redeem is an app exclusive, a notification will be received. We encourage you to use and download the GlobeOne app via Play Store or Apple store.

I requested termination/reactivation/transfer of the ownership of my account, what will happen to my Rewards points? Will my subscription period (based on the activation date) retain?

Your total earned Rewards points and tenure will be retained and transferred to the new user upon successful transfer of ownership request.

How about if I changed my number?

Both your points and tenure will reset or be back to zero in our system so make sure to consume your earned/bonus points prior to this type of request.

I currently requested a mobile number porting, (from Globe Prepaid/TM to Postpaid and vice-versa), will I still get my points and retain my subscription period??

Yes, your total earned Rewards points and tenure from the previous number will be retained and transferred to your new mobile number as long as the porting request is within our same network ( e. g Globe Postpaid to Globe Prepaid and vice-versa).

I did not receive any notification that you will expire my Jan-Dec points. How come you suddenly expired my unused points?

As part of our program policy, all points earned during the previous year, from January to December, will be valid for redemption until March 31 of the succeeding year only. We consistently communicate this through our messages via text, social media and through partners.

How come I cannot redeem my previously redeemed telco rewards offer?

We regularly update our catalog to offer you the newest rewards. Download the GlobeOne app to view the updated list of our offers that you can get using your points.

What is Rewards Gifting?

Rewards Gifting is a feature for Globe Rewards customers to share or send rewards promos or offers through digital vouchers. Giving customers the flexibility to maximize their points earned and is limited to rewards offers per customer type. "Send this as a gift!" message will appear if the rewards are available for gifting or not.

Globe Rewards customers with enough points can only send and/or receive rewards offers/promos. Refer to the table below:

USSD (*143#)

Number of GiftingNumber of Points

Non- TelcoTelcoNon- Telco

Globe Postpaid/Platinum

Globe At Home Postpaid*with current advisory

Globe Prepaid


Home Prepaid Wifi


Note: These are on top of the regular rewards transaction request per week.

To send Gift, follow the steps below and make sure you have GlobeOne app to redeem and send rewards.

Step 1: Open the GlobeOne app and tap Redeem Rewards.

Step 2: Choose the promo or any offer you want to share/send. 

Step 3: Tap “Send as a gift”.

Step 4: Input the account/mobile number of the person you want to send it with.

Step 5: Choose the account/mobile number you want to deduct points.

Step 6: Click Redeem.

Step 7: Once successful, an app and text confirmation message from 4438 will be sent to sender as well as to the recipient.


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