Does Your Smartphone Reflect Your Personality?

There are a lot of smartphone brands available in the market today, but do you know which one best reflects your personality? 

There are several strong handheld brands that are available in the market, and each one offers a unique experience to its users. Often times, using a handheld can be a reflection of your personality. So before you look into postpaid plans or decide to get a new phone, find which brand best describes you first. 

Apple: For The Sophisticated Extrovert

Apple iPhones have arguably become the world’s bestselling status symbol. If you own an iPhone, you likely identify as someone who prefers sophistication, great design and high quality – and you're willing to pay for it. While you like technology, you’re not a fan of having to tinker with it, so you want something that works as it is.

Samsung: For The Tech-Savvy Kid

Samsung smartphones run on powerful processors, high RAMs and a highly customizable operating system. If you own a Galaxy phone, you’re more than likely to have been described as techy, as an early user of the latest gadgets and as an expert when it comes to the best applications. You’re also probably big on video games and accessories like the Samsung Gear VR, which provides users with a 360-degree view and weighs just 318 grams. 

Sony: For The Laidback Artist

Sony has been known for its wide range of electronics, which Sony’s smartphone owners also tend to sport. This is why, as an Xperia owner, you likely prioritizes watching TV shows and movies in HD screens. You also likely enjoy showing your artistic side through a beefed-up camera that can take photos with plenty of detail in vibrant colors. We’d also guess that you’re a big gamer who likes to mount your phont to your PS4 controller.

Huawei: For The Fun Media Addict

Huawei owners like to have fun taking photos and videos, which their phones reflect. The handheld's dual camera feature, creative native cam software, multi-directional microphones and high-definition video recording are perfect for that next-level media creation.

LG: The Music Animal

Legend has it that LG phones have some of the best high-resolution audio systems. Some of its recent models connect various modules, designed by audio giant Bang & Olufsen, which amplify music. Owning an LG device means you’re likely a sound enthusiast, a big party host or a particular and aggressive listener.

Moto: For The Classy DIY-er

Moto’s latest product line includes a fun collection of accessories and covers, which magnetically attach to the back of the phone. If you’re Moto user, you probably prefer to do-it-yourself, customize or build on your own. Then again, you’re a pretty classy and tech-savvy DIY-er, since you likely frequent the likes of Pinterest, Instructables and Etsy.

Lenovo: The Economical Businessperson

Lenovo offers premium phones at an economical price point — a choice that any business-minded individual will often make. If you own a Lenovo smartphone, you probably always want to make the most out of every peso you spend. This doesn’t mean you scrimp on quality though, as you still prefer a certain level of performance. The difference is that you know when price is justified.

Whether or not we helped reassure you or if we had you second guessing your choices, remember that the path to being a happier and more satisfied smartphone owner starts with knowing yourself better.

Alex Lara

is a creative that loves to tell stories through art direction and curating images that capture, inspire and excite whoever sees them.

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