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Food Cravings? Here are Food Delivery Options by GLife - go!
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Food Cravings? Here are 5 Food Delivery Options by GLife

For the most convenient shopping experience yet

An ice-blended drink on a rainy day? Why not! With GLife, you can satisfy any craving any time of the year.

GLife is a mini-app that integrates over 30 merchants and lifestyle brands into the GCash dashboard. You can order food online with GLife, bringing convenience to the next level. Plus, you can earn Globe Rewards such as digital vouchers and special discounts. GLife has made online food ordering and payment more streamlined and a lot easier, giving you the most convenient shopping experience yet. 

Refreshing Treats: 5 Food Delivery Options

Here’s a list of restaurants and fast food chains you can order from using GLife for that spontaneous craving. 

Jamba Juice 

Treat yourself to an ice-blended drink from Jamba Juice. Their thirst-quenching treats are a great way to reward yourself after a crazy work week (or day). The best picks? The delightful Strawberries Wild, Milky Mango Wave and Blueberry Bliss—all classic smoothie treats for a refreshing break.

Aside from strawberries, Strawberries Wild is blended with banana, apple-strawberry juice, raspberry sherbet and frozen yogurt. Meanwhile, Milky Mango Wave is an indulgent mix of mangoes, passion-mango juice, low-fat milk, froyo and ice. Lastly, Blueberry Bliss offers that fruity delight with a blend of blueberries, berry juice, low-fat milk, froyo and ice. 

Dairy Queen

Craving for ice cream? Dairy Queen’s Blizzard offers a delightful mix of gooey goodness and decadent flavors. The must-try options? Mango Graham Cheesecake Parfait, Brownie Temptation and Strawberry Oreo. These treats bring nothing but smiles.

You can dig into layers of mango, cheesecake and ice cream goodness with the Mango Graham Cheesecake Parfait. And just as tempting as it sounds, Brownie Temptation comes with chewy brownie pieces, chocolate fudge and nuts blended in creamy vanilla. Meanwhile, the luscious Strawberry Oreo comes with the classic DQ® shake and milk, topped with whipped cream and cherry.


If you need a jolt of caffeine to get you through a hectic day, Figaro’s refreshing iced coffee treats can give you that kick. Macadamia features a combination of rich buttery flavor and coffee with a creamy finish for a unique experience with each sip. Meanwhile, Choco Chip delight is a blend of coffee, chocolate chips, whipped cream and ice—the right mix for that refreshing blast. 


KFC’s Summer Bucket Meals are perfect for those looking for loaded delights. The 6-piece Summer Bucket Meal comes with KFC’s signature, finger-lickin' good fried chicken, spaghetti, rice and fruity floats.

Meanwhile, the 3-piece Bucket Meal with Chicken Chops includes favorites: KFC fried chicken, chicken chops, rice, fixins and iced drinks, while the Crispy Strips with Rice Meals is the signature flavor that features boneless chicken strips served with steamed rice, dip and an iced drink.

Max’s Restaurant

For those craving a full, scrumptious meal, Max’s Restaurant is a perfect choice. The Fiesta Plate Meal comes with the classic Max’s Fried Chicken®, lumpiang ubod, choice of rice or rolls, Caramel Bar™ and an iced drink. Meanwhile, the Platter Meal includes a quarter of Max’s Fried Chicken®, steamed rice or rolls, a serving of pancit canton (with a choice of either chicken or pork), Caramel Bar™ and an iced drink.

In addition, Max’s Best Plate features a bundle of savory pieces: Max’s Fried Chicken®, rice, lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton, Max’s tofu or chicken skin, sweet kamote fries and Caramel Bar™.

Pay with Globe Rewards

Aside from the convenience, GLife allows you to use your Globe rewards to pay for orders at Globe’s dining partners, including Dairy Queen, Jamba Juice, Figaro, KFC and Max’s. Undeniably, online payments have never been so handy and convenient, thanks to all the things you can do with GCash.

Satisfy Your Food Cravings with GLife

Ordering food online is now made easier with GLife. With seamless transactions, convenience is at your fingertips. What’s more, using GLife comes with awesome rewards. Truly, with your smartphone, you can do wonderful things. 

So, what are you waiting for? Satisfy your dessert cravings by downloading the GCash app to enjoy the convenience of GLife!

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