What is this transition all about?

Our customers’ demand for connectivity continues to increase and we’re doing our best to support their needs while keeping them and our frontliners safe.

To enable us to give you a better experience, our hotline agents supporting Consumer Service Hotlines 211 or (02)77301000 and 808 or (02)77301500, and Consumer Sales Hotline (02)77301010 have moved to our mobile apps starting this September.

These hotlines remain open for self-service while our limited manpower work on more complex transactions. This is why the option to speak with an agent is no longer available in the said hotlines.

To make it faster and more convenient for you to reach us, you may use the GlobeOne, Globe at Home, and TM apps where you can do self-service transactions anytime. When you call the hotline, you may also report your concerns through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) without having to speak with an agent. When you call the Consumer Sales Hotline, you will be sent an SMS with a link to our online shop at where you can apply for a new account.

To learn more about the channels where you can get support, you may visit

Why are you discontinuing agent support in the hotline?

Due to the pandemic, the availability of customer service agents has become very limited. The number of our frontliners on site has been impacted by transportation limitations, cuts in manpower in compliance with health protocols, and suspension of operations due to infections. As a result, our manpower is unable to match the volume of support needed by our customers.

The use of mobile apps and self-service will allow us to serve more customers even with limited manpower. By allowing customers to do usual transactions on their own, we can allocate our remaining frontline support to customers with more complex concerns. We are enabling our customers to do simple transactions faster without having to wait for an agent.

Who are the customers who will feel the change?

Globe and TM customers who usually call 211/77301000 (Globe), 77301010 (Consumer Sales Hotline), and 808/77301500 (TM) will experience the change.

Our Bayan, Platinum, Roaming, Business, Business Sales, and select Broadband customers, as well as AMAX retailers will continue to be served by live agents.

Have you explored work-from-home arrangement for your frontliners?

Yes, we have. However, a work-from-home arrangement is currently not possible because of data privacy. To protect you and all our customers, we cannot allow access to your data outside our BPO partners’ premises.    

Until when will this set-up be implemented?

This will be implemented until the virus is contained and our hotline operations are stable. We are doing regular operations review to assess the situation and improve the support we give to our customers at this time of pandemic.

How will we raise our concerns?

Aside from our mobile apps, there are other channels available where you can raise your inquiries and concerns. Please go to to see the list of these channels and the transactions you can do with each.

How will customers with no access to apps and other channels raise their concerns?

The self-service IVR menu of our hotlines will continue to be available. With this channel, customers may check their balance, request reconnection, report network concerns, and more. Our *143# service menu will also remain available for balance inquiry, data usage checking, promo subscription, and other requests. To learn more about *143#, you may visit

Are there other channels where we can talk to an agent?

You may continue to go to our Facebook Messenger and Twitter account to get an agent support.

How long will it take for inquiries/concerns to be addressed when raised through these channels?

Basic information such as account details, data usage, and balance is readily available. Promo subscriptions are usually done in a few minutes, while service requests and concerns are processed within 24-48 hours.

Will there be new features on your apps soon?

Yes, we continue to upgrade and enrich our apps, and introduce new features. You will be able to do the following transactions in the coming months:

GlobeOne App

  • Prepaid Transaction History
  • Change Plan Packs/Components
  • Prepaid Device/Phone Unlocking
  • Share-a-Promo/Share-a-Load

Globe At Home App

  • Reschedule Repair Request
  • Install and Repair Tracker
  • Enhanced Repair (Automated Troubleshooting)