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Popular FAQs for International

How can I activate the service?

With Globe Roaming, you can enjoy automatic signal activation. Just turn on your phone upon arrival abroad to instantly connect to our roaming partners abroad.

For Postpaid customers, make sure to settle any outstanding bills before flying out. 

For all Globe travelers, check your device’s APN settings and ensure it’s set to

To know which promos are available in your destination, visit

How can I make domestic calls when I'm outside the Philippines?

To call a landline number, dial "+" + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

To call another mobile phone, dial "+" + Country Code + Mobile Access Number + Mobile Number

If you're calling from Korea or Japan, you can go straight to dialing Area Code + Telephone Number (for landline calls) or Mobile Access Number +Mobile Number (for mobile phone calls). No need to dial "+" + Country Code.

What is the OFW Family Pack (OFP) Duo SIM Pack?

The OFP Duo SIM pack is a SIM pack that contains 2 SIM cards: one OFW SIM and one Family SIM.

The OFW SIM is for the person who will travel abroad, while the Family SIM is for the person/family member who will stay in the Philippines.

What is the flat rate for data roaming?

You can enjoy all-day access to mobile internet abroad with Roam Surf for Postpaid, at a flat rate of P399 for 24 hours, and it's available in over 120 countries worldwide, until further advice.