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Roam Lite FAQs

What is Roam Lite?

Roam Lite is an add-on promo that gives you a bundle of calls and texts to use while you're traveling in Asia!

Perfect for a travel buff like me! Who can avail of this promo?

Any customer with a Globe Postpaid plan (those on old Globe plans to the new myLifestyle Plans) can avail of Roam Lite. The offer is not available to Prepaid and TM customers.

What roaming services are included in the Roam Lite plan?

You can choose from several offers with calls and text messages that can be used to:

  • Receive calls from anywhere around the world
  • Make calls to the Philippines or within the visited country
  • Send text messages to any country globally

Do note that text messages received while roaming are free of charge and not deducted from the Roam Lite allocation. Usages outside of the specified operator in the visited countries are charged at regular rates.

For example, if you received a call that lasts up to 5 minutes right after your subscription to Roam Lite 799, your remaining balance will be 10 call minutes and 15 texts.

Where can I use Roam Lite?

Roam Lite is available across the following networks:

TaiwanTaiwan MobileTAIWAN
VietnamVMS (MobiFone)VIETNAM

Please note that if you are travelling to multiple countries, you will need to purchase one Roam Lite plan for each destination.

What are the available Roam Lite plans?

We offer three different-sized call and text bundles so you can choose a plan that best fits your usage needs. All plans are valid for 7 days.

15 call minutes and 15 texts
30 call minutes and 30 texts
60 call minutes and 60 texts

How do I subscribe to Roam Lite plans?

There are three ways for you to subscribe:

  • Via *143# Menu:
    Dial *143# on your mobile phone and follow the self-help menu.
  • Via SMS:
    Text ROAM LIT <Country> <Denomination> ON to 8080.
    Example: ROAM LIT INDIA 799 ON
  • Via Globe Stores/Hotline:
    Visit any Globe Store or call the 24-hour roaming hotline at 0277301212 to request activation of Roam Lite.

Here are the Terms and Conditions under this service:

  • Registration to Roam Lite is free if availed in the Philippines.
  • If registered outside the Philippines via SMS, roaming rates will apply per registration.
  • In cases of fraud, Globe reserves the right to discontinue your Roam Lite subscription.

Can I use Roam Lite for data roaming?

Sorry, but this promo is only applicable to calls and texts.

I see. But can I use Roam Lite across multiple countries?

Roam Lite can only be used in one country at any one time.

Example: You subscribed to Roam Lite for Singapore. The plan is only valid for usage in Singapore. If on Day 2 you fly to Malaysia, you'll have to subscribe to another Roam Lite plan for your usage in Malaysia.

How can I make sure that I'm always logged on to a Roam Lite operator's network?

All you have to do is manually select the network on your handset. Please note that the following steps may differ slightly from phone to phone.

Step 1: Select Menu.
Step 2: Select Settings.
Step 3: Select Network or Connectivity.
Step 4: Select Operator selection or Search mode.
Step 5: Select Manual and your phone will now search for mobile networks that are available around you.
Step 6: Select one of the following networks:

  • Australia (Optus)
  • Hong Kong (CSL)
  • India (Airtel)
  • Indonesia (Telkomsel)
  • Korea (SK Telecom)
  • Macau (CTM)
  • Malaysia (Maxis)
  • Philippines (Globe Telecom)
  • Singapore (SingTel Mobile)
  • Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile)
  • Thailand (AIS)
  • Vietnam (VMS [MobiFone])

If I am logged on to a NON-Bridge Alliance member operators' network, how will I be charged?

Remember that Roam Lite plans can only be used on the specified networks. If you are logged on to a different operator's network, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of Roam Lite, and the prevailing call and text roaming charges will apply.

How will I be charged for usage beyond the bundle? For example, after I have used 15 call minutes/texts, 30 call minutes/texts, or 60 call minutes/texts?

For usage beyond the bundle, you will be charged based on the prevailing call and SMS roaming rates.

Can I carry forward any unused call minutes and text messages?

No. Any unused call minutes and text messages will be forfeited upon expiry of the plan, 7 days after registration.

What is the validity of Roam Lite plans?

Roam Lite subscriptions expire at 11:59 pm on the seventh day, based on the time zone of the visited country. For Australia, subscription ends at 11:59 PM AEST of the last calendar date of your subscription.

For example, if you activate a Roam Lite plan for Thailand on November 1, the plan is valid for usage in Thailand until expiry at 23:59 hours on November 7 based on the time zone in Thailand. If you fly to Indonesia on November 3 and return to Thailand on November 5, you can continue to use your allocated call minutes and text messages until your registration expires at 23:59 hours on November 7 in Thailand.

Can I register more than once to Roam Lite plans?

Sure, you can! Multiple registrations are allowed and the longer validity will apply.

For example, if you register and subscribe to Roam Lite on November 1 then again on November 2, your new expiry will be on November 8 in Thailand. The latest subscription will be added to your account's balance.

Oops, I entered an invalid keyword or denomination. What will happen now?

You will receive an error message reply that your registration is not successful, therefore you will not be charged for the plan you intended to register. However, if you register abroad, you will still be charged the SMS roaming rates.

What happens to my subscription if I come back to the Philippines before the validity period is over?

The subscription will no longer be applicable once you return to the Philippines.

Remember however that your subscription to Roam Lite is valid only for seven (7) days. As long as you have not consumed the allocated call minutes or texts, you can continue to enjoy the offer if you return to the visited country within seven (7) days.

I want to know more about International Roaming! Where can I go to know more?

Visit to know more about 5G roaming, Zonal Pricing and many more! You may also get in touch with us through our different channels at