Globe At Home App

What is the Globe At Home app?

The Globe At Home app is a free and convenient way to TRACK and BOOST your Globe At Home Postpaid account from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet!

With the Globe At Home app, you can easily check your account details, monitor how much data you've used, check your outstanding balance, and add more data to your account or plan.

What can I do with the Globe At Home app?

With the Globe At Home app, you can TRACK and BOOST your Globe At Home Broadband account easily, and anywhere, through your smartphone or device.

Here's a list of a few things you can do with the app:

TRACK your account/plan details and basic loading/ billing information

At a glance, your ACCOUNT DASHBOARD shows you your account number and plan details like remaining load and validity, monthly fee and speed, data usage and total data allowance!

Just tap the "Go to Dashboard" button from your home screen.

TRACK your data usage

The Globe At Home Data Duck shows you your current data usage and total data allowance, in near-real time!

Tap on the "View Details" option to see more details on your data usage.

BOOST your internet allowance or data allocation

Add more data to your account by availing Volume Boost straight from the app!

Just click on the "Get More Data" button and choose your desired variant to avail.

BOOST your seamless connection by checking and paying your total balance

Enjoy worry-free browsing by paying your total balance from the app. Just click on the "Pay Now" button to pay via Gcash or credit card.

BOOST Your Plan

Always using up your internet allowance? Check the Globe At Home app if you're eligible for a Plan Upgrade. If you are eligible, you'll automatically see an "Account Services" tab in your app Drawer Menu. Just proceed with the on-screen steps to apply for a plan upgrade. *Note: Upgrade is subject to serviceability and plan availability.

Where can I download the Globe At Home App?

You can download the Globe At Home app for free on your mobile phone or tablet via the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

Remember, downloading the Globe At Home app requires mobile data, or a WiFi connection.

Neat! What devices can I use the Globe At Home app on?

The Globe At Home app is compatible with mobile and internet-enabled phones or tablets that have at least iOS 8 (for Apple Devices) or version 4.2 (for Android Devices).

Currently, the Globe At Home app is not yet compatible with desktop or laptop devices, Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes and other smart home devices.

Who can use the Globe At Home app?

Customers with an active and valid Globe At Home Broadband account can use the Globe At Home app.

How do I begin using the app?

It takes just 3 easy steps to begin tracking and boosting with the Globe At Home app!

Step 1: Go to the Apple App store (for Apple devices on iOS 8 and up) or Android Play Store (for smartphones (version 4.2 and up).

Step 2: Search for "Globe At Home" and then click "Download" or "Install" to download the Globe At Home app on your device.

Step 3: Simply follow the displayed instructions to verify and secure your account.

Can I use the Globe At Home app on multiple devices for a single Broadband account?

Yes! Multiple devices can have the Globe At Home app, even for accessing a single account. However, each device will have to go through the security verification process.

I already downloaded the Globe At Home app. How do I register my Globe At Home Broadband account?

Simple! Just enter your Globe At Home account number in the app. Afterwards, secure your app by entering the one-time pin to be sent to your modem dashboard or to your registered mobile number or email address.

Are the data usage, payment, and loading, details displayed in the app real-time?

Your data usage and loading details in the app are updated in near-real time.

For payments, please allow 1-3 banking days for posting.

Will I be getting notifications regularly on the app about my load/ data usage/ payment and other details on my account?

From time to time, we'll be sending notifications about your account through the app.

You can customize when we notify you on your internet usage by opening the settings in the app drawer and going to "Customer Alert Settings". From there, tick "Alert me about my remaining internet allowance". Simply select when you want to be alerted by keying in the desired threshold (in MB / GB)

My device isn't supported by the app. What can I do?

Make sure you update your device to the latest operating system and check your device's storage capacity to ensure optimal performance of the Globe At Home app.

I can't open the Globe At Home app / The Globe At Home app is crashing. What can I do?

If you have problems opening the Globe At Home app or encounter some other problems with the app crashing, please try to uninstall and reinstall the Globe At Home app.

I did not receive the PIN for verification / My PIN is expired. What should I do?

For Globe At Home broadband customers, please double-check the contact information linked to your account. If you've changed your contact details recently, you may need to update this so that the system can send the PIN to your correct mobile number/email address.

If your contact information is correct and you still did not receive the PIN, just tap "Send a new verification code"on the verification page to resend the PIN to your nominated contact information (for Globe At Home broadband customers).

I forgot my PIN. Can I request for a new one?

Yes you can! Just tap on the "Forgot your Pin" option to restart the verification process and create a new pin for the application.

I can't see certain parts of the screen when I rotate my tablet sideways. What's going on?

This is a current limitation of this version of the app. Don't worry, we're working on fixes for this in upcoming versions of the app.

I want to change my profile picture or nickname in the app / My profile picture disappeared in the app. How do I update it?

To change your profile picture or nickname, just click on "View Account Details". From there, click on the camera icon to update your photo, or "Edit Nickname" to update your nickname on the Globe At Home app.

My data usage information in the app is different from the SMS/email that I received. Which one should I follow?

We encourage you to use the Globe At Home app for tracking your data usage as this provides near-real time data usage information.