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Unavailability of GlobeOne App Content Add-Ons for iOS - Globe Help & Support

FAQs on Unavailability of Content Add-ons via GlobeOne App for iOS Users

Why are content add-ons no longer available for iOS users of the GlobeOne app?

Due to a system upgrade, all paid content add-ons offered by Globe (ex. Disney+, HBO GO, Prime Video, Viu, etc.) will no longer be available on the iOS version of the GlobeOne app starting July 25, 2023. This impacts all one-time and auto-renewing content subscriptions.

NOTE: Content subscriptions that are included in plan bundles (ex. for GPlan and GFiber Postpaid plans) and content subscriptions being offered by Globe Rewards will NOT be impacted.

Will Android users of GlobeOne also be impacted?

No, only iOS users will be impacted by this system upgrade. All Android users will still be able to purchase content add-ons via their GlobeOne app after July 17, 2023.

I have an existing content subscription that’s charged to my Globe / Globe At Home bill. What will happen to my subscription?

If you’re a Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, or Globe At Home Postpaid customer with an auto-renewing content add-on BEFORE July 17, 2023, your subscription will not be impacted. This means that your content subscription will continue to be charged to your Globe bill regularly, and you may continue to access your favorite on-demand titles normally.

NOTE: If you are an iOS user trying to register to a NEW content add-on AFTER July 17, you will no longer be able to do so via the GlobeOne app. This impacts all new one-time and auto-renewing content add-on via Globe.

Will content add-ons return to the GlobeOne app for iOS users?

We are working hard to restore all content add-ons for iOS users of the GlobeOne app. Follow us on social media and stay tuned for more updates!

I’m an iOS user and I want to subscribe to content add-ons via Globe. How do I subscribe now?

You may refer to the table below for more information on your favorite content add-ons from Globe:



BeIN Sports Connect

Subscribe via GCash


Visit for more info.


Visit for more info.


Visit for more info.


Visit for more info.


Visit for more info.

Prime Video

Visit for more info.


Subscribe via GCash


Visit for more info.


Visit for more info.